Tatiana: A Love Letter from HackerNoon's Best Crypto Journalist of 2021by@alfredodecandia

Tatiana: A Love Letter from HackerNoon's Best Crypto Journalist of 2021

by Alfredo de CandiaFebruary 17th, 2022
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The story behind the victory as best crypto journalist 2021

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For those who do not know yet, the Noonies Awards have just ended! If you’re not aware, We are talking about over 500 awards, ranging from the most interesting technologies to interesting projects and people deserving of a digital award like this.

It all started in November 2021, when I received an email from HackerNoon informing me that I had been nominated in one of the numerous categories. I checked the platform to see where and with whom I was nominated, since it was my first nomination ever, and to my surprise, I was in the best crypto-journalist category.

You can imagine my happiness then, and therefore I also informed all my acquaintances of this appointment also because it is not enough to be nominated but you must also win with the support of everyone as the more votes you managed to bring home the greater the chances of placing yourself in high in the ranking compared to the other candidates, 11 in my category.

And this is how from November until January people - anyone could vote for me, and since the number of votes each nominee had received was not shown, you always had a doubt that your votes may not be enough to win. The only way was to wait for the revelation of the winners which was made right on Valentine's Day.

And just a few days ago, while checking the relevant page of my category, I saw that I managed to win by a total of 1987 votes, something well beyond my expectations. I had foreseen a hundred votes but certainly not thousands, and this shows how my network and the number of followers I have is larger than I thought.

One might ask, at this point, what does the title and Tatiana have to do with all this, well I came across a video that is completely foreign to my usual feed but since it is necessary to take external inputs, even random and diametrically opposite to what we do and to our vision that is a review of a megayacht named Tatiana herself, with a purchase value of just $100 million.

In addition to admiring the spectacular yacht in the picture above, I have reflected a lot that my victory can be considered on an equal footing value if not higher than the value of this Yacht. To buy the Yacht, you just need to have a lot of money or a lot of cryptos. On the other hand, the title of "Best crypto journalist 2021" cannot be bought by any means, and therefore it is very important to me, and maybe one day I will write an article from that yacht. Who knows.

So in addition to being satisfied with the victory, I decided to reward all those who supported me by creating a celebratory NFT that anyone can redeem by having an EOS account. As a crypto-journalist, I could only choose a prize of the same caliber:

I have in total 1987 how many votes I have received and this means that there will not be any for everyone and when they finish no one else will be able to obtain them if not those who own them decide to sell it, in fact in addition to redeeming it for free and without fee costs, you can also sell it if you don't care, so as to monetize it and in this way, I have indirectly rewarded my supporters wherever they are and they can remain in complete anonymity, this is the power of blockchain and decentralization.

Finally, I conclude all those who have supported me and who have given me these possibilities such as David Smooke, Amelia, Antonella, and obviously all the various communities such as that of EOS, NFT, ZEOS and Bancor.