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Talking to Cool People About Their Work

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@gmcervenyGreg Cerveny

The Moodles App from Chris Mendez and the USC Radio Group

About a year and a half ago when I was living in Texas, the San Antonio iOS Developers Group asked me to give a talk on building musical apps. Instead of trying to come up with something clever to say about building music apps, I reached out to the people that I thought were doing interesting work and asked them what they thought about making music apps. A few of the frameworks are out of date now, but you can still see that talk here: Creating New Music Apps.

Because of that talk, my friends at AudioKit asked if I would create some content for their new portal, AudioKit Pro. Repeating that same format, I used the opportunity to reach out to someone else who’s work I find interesting, Chris Mendez.

Now, I’m not writing today to showcase that talk or this new content. What I’m trying to share is something I’ve found to be helpful. By talking to cool people about their work, not only have I left the conversation inspired and full of new ideas, it has had a lingering effect that continues to connect me with other interesting people.


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