How I’m Learning ARKit by@gmcerveny
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How I’m Learning ARKit

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I’ve been investing my time researching augmented reality topics, game frameworks, and computer graphics fundamentals. Here’s the best stuff I’ve found so far.

Why it Matters: Augmented Reality is Coming to iPhones Everywhere

With ARKit, Apple is opening up a new platform for augmented reality. It’s simultaneously empowering developers with an easy to use toolkit and providing an audience of hundreds of millions ARKit ready phones when iOS 11 launches this fall. While there is healthy skepticism that AR is still years off, I think the Apple move here has the potential to be an inflection point for this new media.

The Fundamentals

For the cool bits, ARKit requires a bit more graphics programming than my music tech work usually involves. That’s ok, I love a challenge.

Here’s what I’ve found most helpful:

The Culture

This is a new paradigm. So I’m also spending time living in the culture.


You can only develop ARKit on an iOS 11 device. I’m working off the latest iPad. It’s awesome. It was only $400. I’ve also got one of these $9 AmazonBasics tablet stands where it sits most of the day..

Want to Collaborate?

I love working on things with other folks. If you are as excited about the possibilities of ARKit as I am, I’d love to work on some projects.

I’ve even got a small budget I can put towards exploratory development of ARKit + Music Technology.

So if you’re an experienced dev and want to moonlight with some cool new tech…

Or you’re an entry level but super stoked about new immersive platforms…

Let’s hangout. Just contact me.

I’m Greg and I work as a freelance developer building new music technology with artists, startups, and institutions. I love connecting with other folks, so please follow, recommend, or add your thoughts in a response.


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