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10 Tech Gadgets All Music Lovers Should Have 

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@finn-burdenFinn Burden

In this age of fast-paced technological advances, music is perhaps more than just the food for the soul. Thanks to many high-tech gadgets available today, listening to music is an extremely amazing experience. But how do you choose perfect devices for your musical needs in a market that has tons of options? Here are 10 must-have gadgets for music lovers.

1.     Sony Wireless Headphones

Do you want to enhance your music-listening experience? If yes, then don’t let cables and cords hold you back. Sony wireless headphones are ideal for travel and outdoors. Their lightweight design allows you to bring them wherever you go. With a single charge, these wireless headphones guarantee you up to 35 hours of listening to your favorite songs and podcasts. They also feature a Bluetooth wireless technology that you can pair with your tablet or smartphone to enjoy your favorite tunes.

2.     Wireless Portable Speaker

A quality portable speaker is a must-have for every music enthusiast. If you’re planning a picnic or an outdoor activity, a wireless portable speaker like the Beats Pill 2 Bluetooth Speaker can help you lighten the mood with a little loud music.

3.     Phone-Compatible Keyboards

The keyboard is one of the first musical instruments that most instrumentalists learn to play. Today, learning the keyboard has become extremely easy thanks to phone-compatible keyboards. You can connect these keyboards to your smartphone. They also come with smartphone applications that’ll simplify your learning path and ensure you grasp the skill of playing this instrument within a short duration. You can carry it anywhere in a backpack and astound your friends with your playing skills. For a better playing experience, consider downloading VST plugins to your phone. These tools help you recreate sounds that are almost similar to that of hardware outboard instruments like equalizers, compressors, maximizers, and expanders.

4.     iPad

Although there are loads of ways you can have an enjoyable music experience on your iPad, you’ll truly appreciate what the Djay app has to offer. This application turns your iPad into a complete DJ system. In addition to flawlessly integrating your entire music collection, the DJ app has a highly responsive touchscreen interface that will give you a spinning experience that’s akin to that of turntables on your iPad.

5.     A Smart Guitar

If you want to learn to play the guitar faster, consider investing in a smart guitar. A good smart guitar has several mobile apps and features instructional videos and games that you can leverage to hone your guitar skills within a short time.

6.     Hercules DJControl Compact

With just a MacBook, everyone can become a DJ. But to become a better DJ, you need to get a robust DJ controller like the Hercules DJControl Compact. This gadget is ultraportable and lightweight. It’s a perfect match for any 13-inch MacBook. It comes with mixing software DJUCED 18°, and it’s also compatible with other renowned DJ software like Virtual DJ and Traktor. You can elevate your spinning and scratching experience on DJControl Compact by downloading VST plugins into your MacBook.

7.     Archer Vinyl Record Player

Remind yourself how music sounded back in the day by getting the Archer Vinyl record player. Other than playing old-school records, this high-tech gadget can be transformed into a set of speakers. Just use an auxiliary cable to connect your smartphone and play your favorite tunes from your device.

8.     Sonos Amplifier

Are you looking to enjoy better audio in any part of your house? Then, the Sonos amplifier will be worth your investment. This versatile amplifier can power all sizes of speakers, from bookshelf to in-ceiling to in-wall speakers. It can also hook up to your turntable or stereo, allowing you to play records, CDs, and songs available on your devices.

9.     The Oddball Drum Machine

This drum machine is ideal for beat-makers who feel like small spaces and unavailability of a complex setup are holding back their skills. The gadget is highly responsive to pressure and can hook up to headphones. It also comes with an app that allows you to adjust the sounds of the beats generated, add effects, and capture the beautiful rhythms to share with loved ones and friends.

10.  Shure Digital Condenser Microphone

With this gadget, you can create music anywhere and anytime you want. Just hook it up to a smartphone or tablet and you’ll be good to go. This microphone functions even when connected to desktops and laptops, allowing you to record with any device you can find. It’s also compatible with multiple music-making applications. For wonderful music-making experience, consider adding VST plugins to whatever device you’re using for recording.


Music impacts our lives in so many ways. It heals, entertains, and stimulates a variety of other emotions. These 10 gadgets will transform how you enjoy music. Some of them like the digital condenser microphone and oddball drum machine will help potential artists chart their path to becoming successful professional musicians.


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