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3,365 reads

Take Your Writing to The HackerNoon App

by HackerNoon Product UpdatesFebruary 16th, 2024
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Writing has just been made possible on the HackerNoon Mobile App! Read on to find out how and don't forget to update your app!
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The HackerNoon mobile app has just got a new update!

From the many new features added, we think you’ll be particularly excited with one: writing made available on the app! You can now write wherever you are, even without a laptop at hand! Let us show you how!

Download or update the app from the Apple App Store here and Google Store here.

How to write on the HackerNoon Mobile App?

  1. Open your app and click the new writing icon (the second icon on the bottom bar)

  1. You’ll see all your current drafts: select one to edit or start a new draft by clicking the “NEW” button at the top

  1. Once on the draft, you can write, delete, and edit it as you like and fill in all the story settings as you would on the desktop version.

Drafts created on the app can be opened and edited on the web version as well.

  1. Submit the draft by clicking “Submit Story for Review” and you’re done!

On the app’s writer dashboard, you’ll also notice some drafts have a “published” sticker on top of the header image - this means that this draft is no longer a draft but a published story and that any changes you make will be reflected on the live version.

And that’s it! We’re looking forward to reading your app-created stories!!!