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Sunday Tech: 30 Stories to Start Your Week

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Heyo, want to improve the Hacker Noon experience? Take our reader survey. Why recap the work week when no one’s working? Because you’re working. Wanting to learn is no easy first, second or third step. Here are the top 30 Hacker Noon stories this week:

Common Sense

Agile Makes No Sense by John Cutler

Why businesses fail at machine learning by Cassie Kozyrkov

Tech Employee

Working for a “Big Company” Can Be Fun, If . . . by Erik P.M. Vermeulen

What makes a city “smart” in 2018? by Pranav Badami

Three ways writing tech blogs has helped me become a better engineer by Lily Chen

Don’t be a Junior Developer: The Roadmap by Andrei Neagoie

Dev Life

Backend-in-the-frontend: a pattern for cleaner code by David Gilbertson

Functional programming paradigms in modern JavaScript: Partial Application by Alexander Kondov

How I went from student to drop-out to software engineer by Wilfred Tannr Allard

How not to be a mediocre developer! by Dushyant Sabharwal

How to build powerful REST APIs blazingly fast with Node.js by Justin Headley

I abandoned React in favor of Hyperapp — Here’s why by Angelos Chalaris

Learn Business and Become a Better Software Developer by Stefan Pettersson

Supercharging Kafka — Enable Realtime Web Streaming by Adding Pushpin by Justin Baker


Why My 11-Year Old Stopped Coding . . . Then Switched to Python by Rich Klein

Crypto, why not?

A crypto-trader’s diary — week 13; TRON by David Gilbertson. Full series.

Here Is What I Found Trading ERC20 Tokens in Decentralized Exchanges by Febin John James

How Could Blockchain Technologies Could Expand our Sex Life by Kirill Shilov

How Many Cryptocurrencies Are Simply Following the Market? by Anthony Xie

Scaling Blockchain

Difference Between SideChains and State Channels by vasa

Dive into the Refugee Camp in Jordan that Runs on Blockchain by Blockchain DuDe

How Blockchain can transform the world (part 1) by Anurag Reddy

How Blockchain Will Affect The Housing Market — Easier User Experience by Patrick Manfra

Social Trading - This Might Be The Next Big Hit by FundYourselfNow

2018 Token Sale Market: The State of Our Nation by Matt Markham

Listen All Around

Hacking Facebook with Powster Labs: Audio Focus for 360 Video by POWSTER

Startup Sales

Appsumo is the seed round for bootstrapped companies (we made $177,429 in two weeks!) by Nicolas Le Roux

How to get your First Potential Customers by Ash Rust

Venture Perspectives

5 Lessons from PillPack’s Sale to Amazon by Founder Collective

Great Power, Great Responsibility: The 2018 Big Data & AI Landscape by Matt Turck

Until next time, don’t take the realities of the world for granted.

Kind Regards

David Smooke, AMI


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