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29 Tech Stories Worthy of Your Inbox

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Onto what matters — the top 29 tech stories this week!


Announcing VSCodeThemes by Jordan Schroter

ASP.NET Core Razor Pages Vs MVC: Which Will Create Better Web Apps in 2018? by Zealous System

Cross Platform Mobile Apps with .NET and Uno by Alex Billson

How We Used Redux on Backend and Got Offline-First Mobile App as a Result by WebbyLab

I hate programming, and you should too. by Mika Yeap

139 Traits That Make A Better Programmer by Sadick

RESTful API Design — Step By Step Guide by Tanmay Deshpande

The Essential Skill of a Developer by Silvestar Bistrović

Training an Image Classifier from scratch in 15 minutes by Aakash N S


3 Urban Legends of Bitcoin Debunked by Kenny Li

Crypto Trends

Cryptocurrencies: What Retail Investors Should Know (Part 1) by Iliya Zaki

Dash, the friendly cryptocurrency by David Gilbertson

Why NHN’s Hancoin is the ‘Godfather of Korea’s Crypto Craze’ and Why it Signals Crypto Forever by Bernard Moon

Blockchain Trends

HackPedia: 16 Solidity Hacks/Vulnerabilities, their Fixes and Real World Examples by vasa

How Walmart, Alibaba, and Others are Shaking Up Retail With Blockchain by Kirill Shilov

Stablecoins, The Only Real Threat To Government Money by Abram Symons


A visual story behind words on the web by Rajeev Dixit

Data-Driven? Think again by Cassie Kozyrkov

What is Human-in-the-Loop for Machine Learning? by Mothi Venkatesh

The Dark Side of Big Data by Jeremy Erdman

12 Mistakes that Data Scientists Make and How to Avoid Them by Blockchain DuDe

Tech Careers

Common Learning Mistakes That Developers Make And How to Avoid Them by Isabel Nyo

How to Start a Career in Cybersecurity (and Why You Should) & Should You Be a Back-End, Front-End or Full-Stack Developer? by The Martec

Should you do a Udacity AI Nanodegree or an AI Masters Degree? by Daniel

What It Takes to Become an Intern at Tesla — Interview with Three Interns by Flora Q.


Systems thinking in management by Andrey Salomatin


AI Is Hard? It’s Child’s Play With This AWS AI Services Scratch Extension by Ceyhun Özgün

Every AI startup is not an AI startup by Artashes Vardanian

How Artificial Neural Networks Can Code Smarter Than GUI Programmer by Katrine Spirina

Until next time, don’t take the realities of the world for granted.

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