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Street Fighter V Season 5 Kicks Off: Dan & Rose Join the Fight

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It’s hard to believe that Street Fighter V is celebrating its fifth anniversary this week (February 22nd). Capcom recently revealed that the upcoming Season 5 Winter Update for Street Fighter V will bring new fighters and features to the game, including the fan-favorite Dan Hibiki. 

Other new features set for the game’s Season 5 update include a new V-Shift mechanic, a free stage, and another new fighter named Eleven.

Dan Hibiki is back in the Street Fighter series with his classic movies, such as the fireball Gadoken and the Koryuken uppercut. His new move for Street Fighter V is the “Danretsuken,” which is a multi-hit punching move that sends his opponent flying through the air, and the EX version offers players an option for an even bigger combo.

Rose is also back with her Soul Spark, which she can now use in the air. One of her new techniques for her moveset is an anti-air move called the Soul Bind, where she can throw her scarf into the air to bring her opponents back to the ground. Her V-SKill I technique is the Soul Fortune, which enables Rose to use tarot cards that will offer various benefits to her or have negative effects on her enemies. The Soul Satellite returns as Rose’s V-Skill II in the game.

Also new for Season 5 is the V-Shift, which will be part of a free in-game update this month. This is part of the V-System and is designed to help players get out of sticky situations. With the cast of one bar of the V-Gauge, players can pull off a fully invincible backdash that will slow down time for a brief period, so players can plan out their next move to counterattack. If timed accurately, the V-shift will allow players to regain half of their used V-Gauge bar.

A free bonus character for the winter update is a brand-new character named Eleven. Eleven will be available as a free bonus character for players who purchase a Season 5 pass. Eleven is a prototype for Twelve from Street Fighter III, and he has the ability to shape-shift into other characters. He was created by Gill’s secret organization.

If players are still new to Street Fighter V, they can check out a Free Trial version that’s running until February 22. This is a trial version of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, and it has all the characters from Season 1-4.

Street Fighter V Season 5 Update

Street Fighter V Season 5 kicks off on February 22. You can see a video with a full rundown of the Winter Update and free DLC here:

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This article was written by Jeffrey Harris.


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