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Startup Seeks “Rockstar Coder,” Accidentally Hires Guitarist

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When local startup Dis/ put out a job posting for a “rockstar” full stack developer, they weren’t expecting to get an actual rockstar.

“My buddy Kate, who’s the best engineer I know, told me that her friend Sam [Smith] was the perfect fit for the job, so I hired him immediately,” said founder Ryan White. “I figured she meant Sam was a top-notch coder, but turns out she meant he’s literally in a rock band.”

When asked about his new job, Smith seemed very enthusiastic. “I’ve had to work a lot to catch up to the other developers, but I can’t complain — the pay and benefits are great,” he said. “I’m especially pumped about the unlimited vacation. I’m going on tour with my band for a couple months soon, so I’ll definitely be taking advantage of that.”

At press time, White was seen deleting “Wanted: Ninja Programmers” from another Dis/ job posting.


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