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Startup Funding: When It Does And Doesn’t Make Sense To Fundraise For Your Startup

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Interview with Erica Brescia COO and Co-Founder of Bitnami and Investment Partner at XFactor Ventures

Ready for more myth busting around startup funding? Let’s get to it then!

Last week I shared a number of reasons you should share care fundraising whether you’re a founder or startup employee. Here they are again, and in the Build episode we talked about why it’s a bad idea to reach out to investors when you have an idea.

This week we’re going to continue our theme and focus on what compels us to think we need to raise capital like competition heating up, the belief that the business will stop growing, or that the idea we’re pursuing isn’t really BIG enough. We’ll also be diving into the mechanics of investment talking about the nuances of an angel versus a venture capitalist, and why it’s important to look for investors that have knowledge of your marketing or industry.

Erica Brescia is back to help us out with this episode. Erica the COO and co-founder of Bitnami. Erica has also recently joined XFactor Ventures as an investment partner. XFactor is an early-stage investment firm that’s looking to fund female founders as well as mix-gendered teams.

Erica is a founder and investor, and having sat on both sides of the table, she knows how to dispel fact from fiction!

As you watch today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • Why Erica and her partners at XFactor are putting their money where their mouth is and starting a fund to invest in female founders and mix-gendered teams
  • What the XFactor investment partners and other angels look for versus venture capitalists, and how much they are willing to invest
  • Why competitors will come and go, and you cannot let their actions intimidate you or direct your business goals
  • Why only you as a founder, can decide when is the right time to raise for your business

In the next two episodes we’ll explore handling all the rejections you receive from investors, how to motivate yourself to keep going, and what it’s going to take to get that first check!

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