Solana Summer is Coming: Here are 5 Projects Ready to Make an Impact by@Carl Lang

Solana Summer is Coming: Here are 5 Projects Ready to Make an Impact

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Proof-of-stake blockchain Solana has been hitting the milestones of late. Not only has the network surpassed 15 billion transactions, but its native SOL token has also been motoring thanks to year-to-date returns of almost 1,600% and a $12 billion market cap.

More important than any of this is be the volume of projects launching on the Solana blockchain and its growing ecosystem. From wallets and lending protocols to exchanges, storage solutions and digital games, these cutting-edge projects are strengthening the Solana ecosystem at a time when users are increasingly scouting out Ethereum alternatives.

With over 250 projects now in the Solana ecosystem, and over $1 billion USD tokenized on the network to date, it’s a good time to cast our eyes over the Solana landscape and zoom in on a half-dozen projects currently making waves for both their application and importance within the Solana ecosystem.

image isn’t just a nifty URL; it’s a slick, user-centric crypto exchange with advanced tools for automation, customization and portfolio performance analysis. Ultimately, this next generation exchange platform aims to combine the best elements of a CEX (deep liquidity, security) with the decentralization of a lightning-fast Serum-based DEX – including liquidity pools. supports spot and futures trading with dozens of trading pairs and comprehensive performance analysis. It also has a smart trading feature where users can trial technical models and trading patterns via advanced order types. If you’re a trader with experience, we’re betting you’ll appreciate what the platform has to offer. will be launching an upcoming IDO on Launchpool, with more details to soon follow. 



Solana’s first native automated market maker (AMM), Raydium also leverages the central order book of the Serum DEX to facilitate fast trades, deep liquidity and various yield-earning opportunities. 

The protocol has already attracted plenty of interest, having recently crossed the $400 million market for Total Value Locked (TVL). Raydium also launched Fusion Pools, which offer dual-yield rewards for both liquidity providers and stakers, and as the bridge for projects seeking to expand to Solana and Serum, its status within the former’s expanding ecosystem is assured.



Crowny acts as a consumer gateway to personalized offers, rewards, discounts and loyalty points to use with your favourite brands. Like privacy browser Brave, the platform rewards users for engaging with chosen brands, who serve curated content to their target audience based on their personal preferences. 

Crowny users earn $CRWNY tokens and loyalty points, while merchants get to create geofencing campaigns and attract customers with generous discounts for direct conversion. Unlike its competitors in the online ad space, Crowny combines high TPS, consumer privacy, an integrated marketing and loyalty system, and on/offline utility. Its native token was recently launched on Uniswap and AscendEX.



Redefining fundraising through decentralization – that’s the tagline of Solanium, the Solana-powered DeFi platform for fundraising, time-weighted token staking, and governance voting. Comprising an integrated wallet and decentralized exchange, Solanium (SLIM) supports connected wallets via inline wallet management, meaning users don’t have to leave the portal to view their token balances or manage their accounts.

While still early, serious buzz is being generated by Solanium, which is expected to release more details around tokenomics and an upcoming public sale in the days that follow.



A token project that lets traders grade their performance and assess that of others in an index based on their ‘Cope score’, COPE recently won the Community Choice Prize at the Solana X Serum DeFi Hackathon. Cope’s ranking system ostensibly creates a signal for other traders seeking to enter new positions, with COPE busily working on an automated investment product users can wield to simplify their trading endeavors. 

There’s no getting around it: Solana is on a roll. The question is, can it maintain its momentum right through alt season? You wouldn’t bet against it. With a market cap of over $12 billion, impressive price resiliency on market down days, burgeoning network effects, and a thriving community, it’s a blockchain destined for the top 5 after Solana Summer.

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