Why Social Media is not for Marketing? by@czai
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Why Social Media is not for Marketing?

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Social Media isn’t the panacea that we all seek. Most of them are free, so there is no skin in the game! Social media users cannot find it useful, something adventurous that will attract users loyalty to a brand. SWACE is having an IEO on The app enables users to engage with brands and be rewarded for completing a variety of tasks. Swace is a platform that allows brands to launch their social media campaigns through pre-configured gaming frames.

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Typical people, streamers, gamers and new game developers were talking about marketing to their ideal customers with social media. There is no doubt that social media has become a strong tool in the hands of individuals due to its wide global use.

But Social Media isn’t the panacea that we all seek. Most of them are free, so there is no skin in the game!

Why Social media cannot brings you a hordes of customers ?

First and for all, It was called social media because its `social`. People
are there to talk, to like, to comment and to share things, even gossip.
It so easy for anyone to like or subscribe to a page or a channel, in
other words their commitment to your business is extremely low. There
are millions of posts on their feed, most of them are memes and gags and
if your post wouldn't stand out , then they will just scroll and ignore

Their feeds are Filtered! For example, I have 4800 friends on Facebook, but
for some reason, I can't see all of their post at my feed, and I am sure
that not all them can saw mine too. It means, even how great is your
blog, that 4800 people can see it. Your post will be shown on a few more
people’s feeds. What's more when you're handling a page?

Why? It's simple, they want you to pay to promote your post. In Facebook,
they have boost post, this is they're way to promote your post and
they're strategy to get a penny from you.

Why user-brand interaction is important?

This extreme emotional connections between a customer and a brand is the secret ingredient in advertising. Highly engaged customers buy more,
promote more, and demonstrate more loyalty. Providing a high-quality
customer experience is an important component in your customer
engagement strategy. This is necessary for all industries, including the
gaming planet.

In the gaming industry,where People love using their ingenuity and skills
tsolve problems and play in competitions and leagues, especially with
their own peer group, but when there were new game, they will leave it
and form a new team on the new game. Why? Because they never get
anything from it. If there something new, they grab it and leave it
again when they found a new one. There are no loyalty.

To increase awareness and ROI of one’s brand was the main purpose of
advertising, it should indulge users and possibly kindle their interest
with a chance of investing in the brand. Organic social media is not
going to be a good traffic driver for most brands today or for the
foreseeable future. If you intend to use social media for sales and
revenue, You need to start thinking of new strategy. I’m telling you,
there is very little or no interaction between social media users and an
advertised brand, it is because social media users cannot find it
useful for them. They want something useful, something adventurous
something like SWACE that is set to do a reward or remuneration that will surely attract users loyalty to a brand. SWACE intends to t user/brand interactions.
This kind of Marketing that SWACE figuring will indulge users in
attractive way, it will grow organically, that never needs the social
interaction, and their contact with these brands will remain because of
this interesting advertisement. It will enables users to engage with
brands and be rewarded for completing a variety of tasks. The app
involves a token economy. SWACE is having an IEO on PROBIT.

all the concept into the one word is quite a difficult task, but I
would go for a word “GAME”. This is truly the main part of the
product — a nice and fun content for users — different great ideas to
have fun with and get rewarded for playing AND possibility to engage
users through different preset gaming frames for brands. So it all
mostly revolves around gamification."
-- Dovydas Riasnojus, the founder and CEO of Swace

How does It work? 

Any brand can launch its social (advertising) gaming campaign by selecting a game scenario from pre-configured gaming frames on the Swace app. The interface then calculates the operational cost that the brand will need
to pay to the platform owner for hosting and managing the game. The
brand's advertising budget will then be charged, and the game-winning
pool within the app will be funded with SWACE tokens. Brands are also
able to purchase SWACE tokens on the internal Swace exchange directly
from other token holders such as investors, other brands, as well as
gamers. For gamers, the SWACE tokens are used as a reward and can be
exchanged for real products and services offered by the associated
brands in the Swace Marketplace, at brand stores, or converted on the
Swace Swap exchange into FIAT currencies. In terms of benefits for
brands, they are able to use the coins they collect from gamers to
launching new games via the Swace app, or exchange them into FIAT on the Swace Swap.

However, the SWACE face a significant challenges in 2018 that it gotta decided to hold back and delay the fundraising process in order to fully develop its product, the SWACE app, before launching any further fundraising campaigns via the SWACE community. SWACE have been also tried to change its core team, it is still led by Dovydas and the existing six Swace team members are fresh faces and crypto professionals, Vladimir Akimov, and Diogo Bràs.

The Social Media nor Gaming industry nor all of the industry needs unique and honest marketing. This will help not only the brand, but the users who is the one you need to engage with. alSo, the EXCHANGE SWACE is iisinow live

So hope you're hungry for adventure, Cause this world is full of challenges, form your troops and join the league. 

Disclamer: This is not investment or the financial advice. I’m not the financial expert by any stretch of the imagination. Most information within this article is speculative and merely my own personal opinion that was based on the research that I’ve done before writing it. Always conduct your own research before contributing to any startup projects..