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Six Types of Video Content Startups Can Leverage to Boost Growth

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@shahsanketSanket Shah

Sanket Shah is the CEO of InVideo. He is changing the way the world creates videos via InVideo.

82% of users love to watch video content on Twitter, more than 500 million hours of video content is viewed on YouTube daily, and people spend their one-third of online time on watching videos, according to video marketing statistics.
Being a tech startup owner, if you’re thinking about including videos in your marketing strategy, you're making the right decision. 87% of online marketers are already using video content to grow their businesses.

How can you leverage video content to grow your tech startup?

Well, this is what I’m going to explain in this article. After reading it, you will know six ways how you can use videos to boost the growth of your tech startup. 
Without further ado, let’s dive in: 

Brand Videos

Short, 10-15 seconds, intro videos that show the name of your brand can leave a memorable impression on your audience.
A logo of your startup, a tagline, and a powerful call-to-action are all you need to create a brand video. Asking people to buy your product won’t be a suitable idea for such videos, but you can put a CTA to visit your website or subscribe to your YouTube channel.
And once you’ve created your brand video, drop it to your social media handles or YouTube channel. When branding is done right, you’ll see results for sure.

Explainer Videos

People love to watch animated explainer videos and whiteboard videos. You can use 2-3 minutes long animated videos to tell the story of Jack, his problems and how your software acted as the solution.
You can choose to use whiteboard videos instead, to tell your audience how to get things done with your product, or how neatly it keeps the life organized. Explainer videos that help solve the problems, one pain at a time, get your prospects intrigued.

Social Media Videos

Whether you intend to use Instagram, Facebook or YouTube for your growth, videos can help you build a stronger relationship with your followers.
Instead of using a tool to create explainer videos, you can film yourself sharing a quick hack to cure the pain points of your target customer. Also, you can share a backstage video showing how your team is working on making the product better.
Occasionally, sharing videos of team members having a fun time over coffee break can boost the views too. But have your company name in the background for some subtle marketing.

Marketing Videos

Marketing videos are one of the best ways to educate your customers and strengthen the sales figures for your product. Share a story about you, your mission and the reason behind you setting up your tech startup.
But don’t put all data in one video. People love bite-sized edutainment and 60 seconds is the apt length for videos created for marketing. However, put your value proposition within the first 10-15 seconds.
Give catchy titles to your videos, use some humor and don’t forget to implement SEO tactics and techniques.

Testimonial Videos

People love to listen to the real-world experience of others before trying a product. And showing testimonials from satisfied customers is a great way to push your prospects towards your product.
People relate to testimonies by a customer telling how your product helps him/her in daily life struggles. A short but compelling testimonial video of a fellow human telling his/her story might be the final nudge your audience needs.

FAQ Videos

Displaying answers to the frequently asked questions keeps your prospects and customers well-informed. It is also a sure-shot way to build trust. And when the FAQs are in the form of videos, it helps people retain the information better.
With FAQ videos, you can explain a process, and thus, nurture your leads into customers. Your existing users will find it convenient to get their solutions in the form of videos.
So, ease up the burden on your customer service team and start creating FAQ videos.
Final thoughts
Video marketing has gained momentum and those who’re into it are reaping the benefits.
Videos entertain your audience, educate them and help them with solutions. And when you market your startup as the solution provider, videos will improve your sales too.


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