Six Indian SaaS Startups Products To Watch in 2022by@md-mohsin-ansari
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Six Indian SaaS Startups Products To Watch in 2022

by Asloob HashmiFebruary 28th, 2020
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After Silicon Valley a6 Indian SaaS Startups Products that will disrupt the market in 2020nd Israel, India is the 3rd largest tech ecosystem in the World.
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After Silicon Valley a6 Indian SaaS Startups Products that will disrupt the market in 2020nd Israel, India is the 3rd largest tech ecosystem in the World.

If you walk around South India today, especially Chennai, you’ll see how Indian Entrepreneurs are centralising themselves towards SaaS.

Indian SaaS Industry now revolves around deep tech, cybersecurity, defence, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.

While other regions are not as excited about SaaS products, the opportunities for SaaS are very strong in India. Just check out these success stories of Indian SaaS Startups:

Freshworks, with 200,000+ customers has crossed $150 million ARR

Zoho, with 450,000 customers, has clocked close to $500 Million in Revenue per year

Roughly, Indian SaaS companies generate a billion dollars of revenue only from a handful of Chennai-based SaaS companies like Zoho, Freshworks, ChargeBee, KiSSFLOW, Indix, Ramco, and ChargeBee.

With these SaaS companies leading the way, India now has a surge of young players that are on the way of making it a SaaS powerhouse.

In this article, we have evaluated top 6 SaaS products that can disrupt the market in 2020:

Troop Messenger: A compact solution that unifies communication and collaboration capabilities

Troop Messenger, a Hyderabad based Indian SaaS product, is one of the most promising additions to the collaborative chat space. This business communication & collaboration tool offers messaging, video conferencing, project management, and many compact features in a simple, cohesive UI.


Troop Messenger has helped millions of project teams achieve their business goals and provide excellent results

The office collaboration app is optimized for mobile devices, allowing users to seamlessly connect with team members from their phones or tablets.

  • Storage Up to 1TB: Enterprise plan offers 1TB storage
  • Advanced Contact Search: To Find any user you by typing a name into the search bar. This feature shortens the norm of scrolling through directories and helps connect to people faster.
  • Unlimited Groups: Make collaborative more interactive and organise your unique workflow without limiting the number of groups.
  • Free chat and email support: 24/7 Professional assistance to address your requests
  • Data records: Troop Messenger is GDPR compliant
  • Unlimited message history: Access all of your messages, at any point of time, for as long as you want.
  • Video calling and Screen Sharing: Built-in video calling and screen sharing facility to facilitate easy delivery of project ideas and presentations
  • Analytics: State-of-the-art reporting via a cohesive and simple admin dashboard. Business on TM have been using analytics to supervise their team members and also track individual performance.
  • Awards & Accolades:

    • The Top 20 Business Instant Messaging Software
    • The Top 20 Business Instant Messaging Software
    • High Performer 2020, Awarded by G2
    • Recognised as one of the best instant messaging software for business, TechTimes
    • Certificate for Great User Experience, Awarded by Compare Camp
    • Rising Star 2019, Awarded by Compare Camp
    • Great User Experience 2019, Awarded by Finances Online
    • Top Slack Alternative 2019, Awarded by Finances Online

Time Dynamo
: Best Biometric Attendance Management Software in Hyderabad

TimeDynamo is the new age biometric attendance management software that can be conveniently installed in the office/workplace premises to access an actionable and seamless analysis of employee attendance.


Time Dynamo is Best-in-class employee attendance management system that eases attendance tracking and cuts down on the labour costs

TD helps manage leaves, on-duty, overtime, holidays, shifts, & more using a single software.

  • Attendance:
  • Fingerprint scanning Integration
  • Iris scanning Integration
  • Face scanning Integration
  • Exception - In case of check-in / check-out missed
  • Request and Approvals
  • Leave request
  • Comp-off request
  • Permission request
  • Swap request
  • Schedule Management:
  • Shift Roster( Daily / Weekly / Monthly )
  • Weekoff Roster ( Daily / Weekly / Monthly )
  • Notifications:
  • SMS Notification
  • Email Notification
  • Customised Notification
  • Employee Leave Reports:
  • Self leave report ( Daily / Weekly / Monthly )
  • Team leave report ( Daily / Weekly / Monthly )
  • Leave graph report ( Daily / Weekly / Monthly )
  • Employee Attendance Reports:
  • Self attendance report ( Daily / Weekly / Monthly )
  • Team attendance report ( Daily / Weekly / Monthly )
  • Attendance graph report ( Daily / Weekly / Monthly )

Awards & Accreditation

  • Shortlisted as Top 10 innovative Product Showcases, by NASSCOM
  • Recognition as one of the best workplace biometric attendance systems

Click2Magic: Customer Live Chat Support Application

Click2Magic, a widely popular SaaS product, has been developed by Tvisha Technologies, an Indian SaaS company. It is a stand-alone live chat support app that engages web and mobile visitors with a built-in mobile and desktop notification.


Click2Magic, as a Chat Support App, makes it easy for agents and customers to stay in touch, irrespective of their location.

Since this app is cloud-based, the chats are always secure to assure customer privacy and easy access.

  • Lead Capturing Management: With this feature of Click2Magic, users can capture their leads and improve sales by organizing client contact in one centralised database
  • Dynamic Web Pages: Server side scripting and client-side scripting
  • CRM: Prioritize daily sales calls, record and make calls from the browser. Organise, build, and track better relationships with customers.
  • Campaign Management
  • Live Chat Widgets: Connect with your visitors and convert inquiries into leads, provide better support, in real time. Then use the gathered information for seamless updates of contacts and lead generation.

Awards & Accolades:

    • Recognition as one of the best Customer Live Chat Support Application
    • Top Lead Capturing Live Chat Support Application

Truein: Face recognition-based Time and Attendance Solution for a contractual and distributed workforce

Truein brings transparency and controls to the attendance process, optimizes workforce utilization, and plugs revenue leakages. It is a complete attendance solution that runs on mobile/tablet devices and provides accurate attendance.


  • App-based (User app and kiosk app), it can be set up anywhere, instantly
  • Offers geo-fencing to ensure the staff mark their attendance only from approved locations
  • Centralized controls enable a real-time view of multiple sites
  • 70+ customizable policies as per location or staff to automate shifts, OT, late marks, and more
  • Generates payroll ready reports with the final calculations for payroll processing
  • Selfie-based mobile attendance for distributed staff using the Truein user app
  • Onboarding of staff directly on the kiosk app
  • Full-fledged leave monitoring system

Awards & Accolades:

  • Software Suggest Customers Choice Award, Winter 2022
  • Software Suggest User Rating Award, 2021
  • SourceForge Customers Choice Award
  • Slashdot Users Rating Award, 2022

    CleverTap: Mobile Marketing Platform with app marketing automation

    CleverTap, an SaaS based mobile marketing and customer lifetime management company, was founded in May 2013. CEO of CleverTap, Sunil Thomas, was named as one of the top marketing technology trailblazers by Advertising age in the year 2017.


    Using Clevertap, businesses can engage their target customers on the right channel, with the right message, and at the right time

    CleverTap offers state-of-the-art behavioral analytics for businesses keen on understanding their customers better

    • Real-time Customer Data Platform to build marketing strategies
    • Automated Segmentation of users according to preferences, frequency, intent and recency.
    • Campaign Optimization through machine learning, intent-based segmentation, and journey optimization.
    • Audience Analytics using Cohort Analysis, Flows, and Funnels and Uninstall Tracking

    Awards & Accolades:

    • Best Mobile Marketing Campaign (Gold)
    • Most popular companies powering digital content
    • Bronze Stevie® Award for Business Technology/Best Marketing Solution
    • Top 25 entrepreneurs leading the future of technology

    WebEngage: B2C Multi-Channel Marketing Automation

    WebEngage, has gained it reputation in the SaaS industry, as a full-stack Customer Data and Marketing Automation Platform for B2C. It enables consumer businesses to automate their communication and also improve customer retention through cross-channel user engagement.


    Cross Channel User Engagement is facilitated via multiple channels like Email, Text Message, Web Message, Survey, Feedback, In-App Message, Push Notifications, Facebook, Web Push, and Whatsapp.

    Web-Engage Journey Designer Interface has a drag and drop design for implementing the multi-channel campaigns.

    • Actionable insights on on users of active campaigns, analytics on user and engagement channels
    • Target customer and user segmentations on the basis of demography, psychography, behavioristic features, and more
    • Cross Channel User Engagement through Web-Push, Emails, Push Notifications, In-App Notifications, Web Notifications, Facebook, Survey and SMS
    • Features that support a personalise communication that drives brand loyalty
    • Intuitive interface to map the workflows

    Awards & Accolades:

    • TiE Lumis Entrepreneurial Excellence, TiECon, 2015
    • NASSCOM Emerge 50,
    • NASSCOM, 2015
    • Top 10 Startups To Watch In India, Mashable, 2014
    • The Tech List, Times of India, 2014
    • Techcircle Fastrack, Techcircle, 2012
    • Smart CEO Startup Awards 50, The Smart CEO, 2015

    FreshWorks: A Feature Packed Suite of SaaS Products

    Freshworks offers a suite of SaaS products that include:

    • Freshdesk: Customer Support Software
    • Freshchat: Customer Messaging Software
    • Freshteam: Application Tracking Software
    • Fresh Marketer: Conversion Optimization Suite
    • Freshservice: IT Service Management Software
    • Freshsales: Sales CRM Software
    • Freshcaller: Call Centre Software
    • Freshconnect: For teams to partners and collaborate with full context
    • Fresh Status: Hosted Public Status Pages
    • Fresh Success: Customer Success Software
    • Freshping: Free Website Monitoring Tool
    • Fresh Release: Project Management Software


    Software within the Freshwork suite requires minimum customization. They are easy to set up and ready to be implemented on premise.

    These tools are backed by world-class customer support, which has helped this company earn trust of over 150,000 companies operating globally.

    • CRM Software.
    • Project Management Software.
    • Business Intelligence Platforms.
    • Video Conferencing Software.
    • Expense Management Software.
    • Accounting Software.
    • Online Backup Software.

    Awards & Accolades:

    • Collaboration Solution of the Year at UK Cloud Awards 2018
    • Technology Impact Awards for Company of the Year 2019 by Growth Success
    • Great User Experience Award for 2018
    • G2 Crowd’s Best Software Awards 2019
    • Expert’s Choice Award for 2018

    Clap Messenger

    Clap Messenger takes you to the Super app world with chat and collaboration facilities. This single portal hosts a wide range of apps, including communities, polls, surveys, document scanners, e-commerce (upcoming), etc., to help the users to stay within a unified app to achieve what they want seamlessly!

    Clap Messenger is a super app that takes care of your every daily need!


    Unlimited Groups: You can bring in your friends, family, colleagues, and others to group chats where you can share unlimited content with them.

    • Votocrat: With this poll and survey app, you can create polls and surveys to know the majority opinion of the user base.
    • Communities: Be a part of the communities to meet people from all parts of the world with similar interests. You can create a community for schools, alumni, businesses, gaming, etc.,
    • Document Scanner: You don’t have to download a separate app for scanning your documents. Get it done with Clap Messenger only.
    • Voice-Video Calling: Put a stop to endless chats! Get on to the voice-video calls of Clap Messenger for clear and crisp interactions.
    • Unread Messages: Forgot to read chats? need not worry! This filter helps you to figure out all the unread messages in just one go.

    Awards & Accolades:

    • Clap Messenger is one the early super apps of India.

    India is a Great Market for SaaS Players

    India has become home to some of the most celebrated global SaaS products. Over the last couple of years, Indian SaaS startups have become quite open to the idea of offering state-of-the-art SaaS solutions.

    India’s success with top notch SaaS products like Zoho, Troop Messenger, Time Dynamo, Click2Magic and Clap Messenger has India emerging as a strong market for SaaS products.

    As a result, there are many successful SaaS companies that have established their footing in recent years. Most of the SaaS products from these companies have been accredited in Indian and global market simultaneously.

    With the remarkable growth in the SaaS industry of India, a number of new products that cater to different niche requirements have also emerged. This explains why the Indian SaaS industry is projected to grow at a competitive rate over the next decade.

    If you know any SaaS product that can disrupt the market in 2020, let us know in the comments below.