4 Smart Ways to Quickly Create and Deploy Email Signaturesby@bybrand
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4 Smart Ways to Quickly Create and Deploy Email Signatures

by BybrandJuly 7th, 2022
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Managing one professional email signature is time-consuming, but managing a large team’s signatures is difficult. Managing a medium or large team's signatures should be the responsibility of a manager. At Bybrand, we do not just create email signatures, we provide you with an intelligent and flexible approach to integrating them across multiple channels.
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Managing one professional email signature is time-consuming, but managing a medium or large team’s signatures is difficult. Employees leave, get promoted, or are introduced to businesses often. Working to manage these signatures should be the responsibility of a manager.

Creating brand cohesion with a business email signature is possible. We’re going to show you how to create a professional email signature and deploy it rapidly using Bybrand’s four main integrations. Google Sheets, Google Workspace, Freshdesk, or Asana;

4 Ways to Integrate a Professional Email Signature Today

With your email signature, you can inform your contacts about your products, services, and the way they should contact you. At Bybrand, we do not just create email signatures. We provide you with an intelligent and flexible approach to integrating them across multiple channels.

1. Using Google Sheets Integration

Google Sheets is used by hundreds of millions of people each month. An IT manager, or team lead, can save time and resources by:

  • Creating an employee email signature spreadsheet in Google Sheets
  • Adding in the employee by line:
    • Name
    • Position
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Other information
  • Copying the public link for the sheet
  • Activating the Google Sheets integration in Bybrand by adding the copied link
  • Creating a department name
  • Importing data from Google Sheets
  • Associating a template with the email signature
  • Editing the template to use the proper placeholders
  • Saving.

With the use of placeholders or the first row of the spreadsheet, it’s fast and easy to use one professional email signature across teams or an entire business with our professional email signature maker.


You can add new employees at any time, sync the data and generate a business email signature effortlessly.

If you run into any problems following the steps above, you may find our video tutorial to be more helpful:

How to turn a Google Sheets spreadsheet into email signatures.

If you’re tired of using a CSV file to create email signatures and already use Google Sheets, you’ll find this method of creating and deploying email signatures to be fast and efficient. However, if you’re not using Sheets, we have other methods that will work, too.

2. Google Workspace users

Bybrand’s integration with Google Workspace allows you to create and deploy a simple professional email signature across your entire company. We've made it as easy as possible to standardize email communications by:

  • Registering for an account with Bybrand or signing into an existing account

  • Creating a template on the main dashboard

  • Navigating to the “integrations” tab on the dashboard

  • Integrating G Suite by alerting the G Suite administrator of the email and domain

  • Activating the integration

  • Opening your G Suite

  • Clicking on Apps > Google WorkSpace Marketplace apps

  • Adding Bybrand by searching for the app by name

  • Following through with the prompt to finish the integration.

Now, you can go back to Bybrand and follow these steps:

  • Click on the Manage tab within Integrations
  • Try and Load users
  • Create a department to generate email signatures automatically
  • Click on the import button
  • Choose which users to import
  • Associate an email signature for the department
  • Edit the email signature to add in placeholders and customize the signature
  • Save.

The next step is to update the email signature for each specific user or batch and update all signatures at once.

If you did everything right, you’d have a company-wide email signature that integrates with Google Workspace and Gmail. You can watch our entire tutorial on integrating with Google Workspace below:

Automatic email signatures to Gmail with Bybrand for Workspace.

Utilizing Google Workspace, you can create and deploy email signatures for your business if you use Gmail. However, if your team doesn’t use Gmail or Google Workspace, we have other integration options that may work just as well.

3. Freshdesk help desk agents

If you’re one of the over 50,000 companies that use Freshdesk, we’ve made it simple to standardize your agents’ email communications. Support managers can easily use rich HTML email signatures to improve customer experience and integrate using Bybrand and Freshdesk.

We've made it easy to get started using the following steps:

  • Register for Bybrand or log into your account if you have one already
  • Navigate to the Dashboard and click the “Add an integration” icon
  • Connect Freshdesk by following the prompts on the screen
  • Go to the Freshdesk Admin panel
  • Click on Profile settings
  • Copy the API key
  • Paste the API key into Bybrand
  • Click on manage and try loading the first agents.

If everything is successful, your agents will be loaded. You can then create an individual email signature or use the department signature template, as we’ve done with Google Sheets and Workspace.

Are you a better visual learner? Watch our entire video on connecting Bybrand and Freshdesk for easy email signature creation and deployment.

Finally, we have one more integration that we would like to tell you about Asana.

4. Asana users

Asana and Bybrand allow you to easily create professional email signatures with a headshot in just a few easy steps.

  • Register for Bybrand or log into your account if you have one

  • Navigate to the integrations tab

  • Search for Asana on the list and click on “Connect”

  • Click on the manage tab and then click on “Connect Asana”

  • Grant Bybrand permission to use your Asana account

  • Once connected, you’ll want to click on “Departments”

  • Create a department for your Asana integration

  • Click on “Import from Asana”

  • Load users

  • Click on integration templates and associate with Asana

  • Customize the signature to your liking.

We’ve also created a video that you can follow along with to begin integrating Bybrand and Asana together.

Creating professional HTML email signatures for all Asana users.

A task that would normally take hours to accomplish is now possible in just minutes using our integration tools.

What To Put in Professional Signature Email?

If you’re unsure of what information to add to a professional signature for email, a few of the most common ideas are:

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Job title
  • Phone number and extension
  • Photo
  • Social media links

Read also: Best practices for creating a professional email signature.

Bybrand makes it easy to change icons and company logos to make your employees’ email signatures with all of the proper branding in place.

Using one of the integration methods above, we’re confident that you’ll be able to quickly create and deploy a professional email signature for teams of 20+ employees. With easy data syncing, you can update, add or remove information in seconds across your entire organization.