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Simple App Development Tips: 7 Reasons Why Your App has Failed

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Did you know a two-third of mobile applications fail to reach 1000 downloads after their release? And 24 percent of users quit using them after the first visit?

Despite millions of apps available in the market, an average individual uses nine applications daily and just 30 apps monthly.

A standard mobile app loses around 77% of Daily Active Users only within three days of its installation.

Well, if you are thinking of building an app, then these statistics would be quite intimidating as they highlight the disturbing facts of the cut-throat
environment under which apps survive.

Today, in this blog, I will mention the core factors behind mobile app failure.

7 Reasons Why Your App May Get Fail

1.Not Enough Market Research

When a mobile app gets introduced in the market, everyone believes people will love their app. However, do you think that getting success is so easy? If your answer for all the below-mentioned questions is Yes, then you are on the right track, but if not, then you need an introspection.ย 

  1. Does your app solve the real problem?
  2. Did you study your competitors?
  3. Have you researched the market?
  4. Do you know your target audience?

Believe it or not, lack of market and audience research is one of the biggest causes of an app failure.ย 

What Should You Focus on?

For a successful app, you need to have an in-depth understanding of the market and target user-base. It is impossible to calculate app success if you are not aware of your end-users. So, perform thorough research and then start building your app according to the gathered data.

2. Wrong Platform Selection

Users get annoyed when they do not get what they are looking for and abandon your app in no time.ย 

You must know that iOS and Android are powerful platforms; however, selecting one platform or both platforms is an important step. The wrong decision could become the basis of your app failure.

What Should Focus on?

Concentrate on features you wish your application to hold. Do those features give satisfaction to users? Think about your target location and app size store since selecting the best platform relies on people, utilizing the apple or android app.

3. Poor User-Experience

The third crucial factor that makes a mobile app unsuccessful is a bad user
experience. If someone is getting hiccups while executing fundamental operations and finding it tough to continue, your app has a performance issue.

The market is overwhelmed with millions of mobile apps; however, the success ratio depends on user-experience. Slow app performance, long load time, long registration process, and issues like these will fail.ย 

What Should You Focus On?

To avoid such issues, make sure you possess a simple app design with effortless navigation since users feel comfortable handling effortless and
less-complicated apps.

4. Inappropriate Testing

A mobile app with bugs affects user-experience, leading to negative reviews. These negative reviews ultimately bring more uninstallations. Users download your apps with high expectations concerning the app quality, performance, privacy, and functionality.

In case you are unable to meet them, then your app is nothing but useless.

What Should You Focus On?

Hire an expert QA team for proper testing of the app. In-depth and adequate testing of the app is the key to a great user experience. Moreover, it is one of the core aspects behind its success.

5. No Attention to Mobile App Launch

"The first impression is the last impression," we all know that, and it is
valid in the in-app market as well. Yes, your app marketing approach plays a vital role in its success.ย 

People and entrepreneurs pay attention to app development but neglect marketing tactics. And due to this, they encounter app failure. The app launch time is the most crucial time where you need to concentrate more.ย 

What Should You Focus On?

To achieve success in the app market make a good impression of your mobile app among the audience, highlight its features, allow them to know what issues your app can resolve, and elaborate on your app's uniqueness.

6. Bad Monetization Tactics

80 percent of apps are built for revenue generation, possibly from a flourishing marketing approach. Many people believe that they will develop a mobile app, market it, get frequent downloads, and earn revenue.ย 

However, getting an ROI isn't possible devoid of a well-planned and proper monetization strategy.

What Should You Focus On?

If you wish to get a good profit, then perform your research, figure out which features can bring you more revenue, examine your competitors, deploy monetization strategies, and more.

7. Poor Knowledge of ASO

App Store Optimization could be the other cause of app failures. In case you have tackled all the errors, as mentioned above, and still, your mobile app is not getting successful, then perhaps it is due to poor ASO.

It is crucial for enhancing your app rank in the app stores.

What Should You Focus On?ย 

If you cannot do ASO on your own, consult experts to do so. App Store Optimization can increase the number of downloads, reviews, and ratings of your app.

The Final Take On Why Apps Fail

From competition to sheer lack to marketing budgets, the success of an app depends on multiple factors. However, beyond these factors, improper research and process implementation are the most common reasons behind an app's failure.ย 

Paying attention to audience research, market, following the best practices, and in-depth quality guarantee can bring you the desired outcomes.ย 

That's all from my end! I hope you will not repeat these mistakes. If I missed something important, mention it in the comment section.

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by harshitajoshi @harshitajoshi. Professional FinTech Consultant for Businesses | Published Fintech Blogger, Contributor at MediumRead my stories


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