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Should Google Continue Supporting the Google Stadia?

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This Slogging thread by JeffreyHarris, Jack Boreham, Jose Hernandez, Nicolas Ng and Limarc Ambalina occurred in slogging's official #gaming channel, and has been edited for readability.

Should Google continue supporting Google Stadia, and are they telling the truth when an executive said the console is "alive and well?" As reported by GameSpot, a Google marketing rep claimed that the console is "alive and well," despite there being heavy evidence to the contrary. Is the Google Stadia an area Google should continue focusing on and supporting

Based on a recent interview, Google Stadia's developer marketing lead Nate Ahearn says the Google Stadia is "alive and well," and they plan to release 100 games in 2021. However, Google already closed Stadia Games & Entertainment. Does Google understand the console gaming space, and is this a positive move for the company? Also, do you think their claims of releasing 100 games for Stadia this year are genuine?

JeffreyHarrisMay 15, 2021, 7:25 AM

Personally, I don't believe they should continue supporting Stadia. In my opinion, Google doesn't understand the console gaming space and what console gamers are looking for. Case in point, the Google Stadia Store didn't even have a search bar feature until last month. And they already closed their development studio for the console. They failed to make an impact and statement with Stadia that they promised.

JeffreyHarrisMay 18, 2021, 3:57 AM

Would be curious to hear your thoughts, Nicolas Ng Limarc Ambalina Jack Boreham Jose Hernandez

Jack BorehamMay 18, 2021, 4:40 PM
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Yeah, I agree. I don't think they're telling the truth. Xboxโ€™s cloud streaming service is far better than stadia with all the games pass games. Stadia blew it, and from what I know, many stadia developers have left google to work on other projects. Stadia is dying, and google trying to cover this up is not helping. Google says 100 games but what it means is 50 third party titles. It may become a platform for third parties. But being alive and well doesn't mean it's achieved its objectives. It hasn't. With few first-party titles and shutting down studios means stadia will never be the fourth pillar in the gaming space to compete with the big guys and will be forgotten.

Jack BorehamMay 18, 2021, 4:41 PM
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Therefore Stadia will slowly lose support even from third parties. I will be shocked if it hits the 100 games mark.

JeffreyHarrisMay 21, 2021, 1:15 AM

I agree. I definitely think they are giving corporate answers and spinning the truth when it comes to the Google Stadia. Not everyone needs to have a console platform.

Jose HernandezMay 21, 2021, 1:32 AM
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To this day, I have never seen anybody say they own a Stadia, in person or online. Thatโ€™s not to say there arenโ€™t users out there, but to say the console is doing โ€œalive and wellโ€ seems a tad bit facetious.

JeffreyHarrisMay 21, 2021, 1:37 AM

I hardly even see any reviews or videos about Stadia at all popping up on YouTube and social media. OTHER than discussion about how badly it's doing in sales, or statements from Google about how it's still alive and well, despite you know, shutting down their Stadia Games & Entertainment division. Those are the only times when I hear buzz about Stadia.

Nicolas NgMay 23, 2021, 2:20 PM
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I really hate how Stadia seems to have failed to gain traction. It would have been amazing if it took off but I guess we've all got our own ways of gaming and Stadia doesn't really do anything that a console or PC already can while needing really fast internet. Given Google's rather poor track record of maintaining existing services, they're probably just speaking corporate when they say that Stadia is alive and well.

Limarc AmbalinaMay 25, 2021, 12:21 PM
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I think the huge miscalculation in this market is that gamers are loyal to brands and want to explore and discover which console they'll like most. There is some fun to feeling like you belong in a group when you are "Team PS Vita". There is some fun to buying a Switch and discovering how different he UX is compared to PS4 or the 3DS.

The discovery is part of the culture. Choosing a camp is part of the gaming culture. If Games As A Service takes off, I think a part of gaming culture will die. It'll be so boring, and there'll be less competition I think.

Limarc AmbalinaMay 25, 2021, 12:24 PM
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It isn't the same as choosing Netflix over Hulu or choosing Amazon Prime Video over HBO max. Gamers are picky and playing a game with a PS4 controller on a TV is different than playing that same game with Mouse and Keyboard on PC.

Not to mention, I don't want to NEED an internet connection to play games. No matter how fast and great our internet services become. I still want to be able to play a console regardless of the wifi available in the area.

JeffreyHarrisMay 26, 2021, 7:23 AM

Excellent points Limarc, and I think I mostly agree. I also still want the option to play offline games as well. I also still believe in owning physical media as well.

Limarc AmbalinaMay 27, 2021, 12:38 AM
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I have a thought. Do you all think that Stadia could establish itself if it solved both of the things Jeffrey just mentioned? What if, like Netflix, Stadia allowed you to download games and play them offline.

Not only that....what if they started producing physical cartridges for their 1st-party games as well, cartridges similar to the Nintendo Switch's cartridge design? Would that change your impression and belief in it?

JeffreyHarrisMay 30, 2021, 7:02 AM

I think there's a lot of things they could do to make Stadia more attractive and gamer friendly. However, I don't think Google is really taking the time and necessary steps to make those changes and make it a real hot ticket item. At this point, getting a Stadia is like getting a cheap off-brand tablet, when what you really want is the iPad.


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