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SHIB is a Martian Currency by@rwebaz

SHIB is a Martian Currency

Robert Weber HackerNoon profile picture

Robert Weber

B.S. Bus Admin; MBA; MISM; EJD-L1;

One thing Elon likes … It’s mind expansion.

Born of extra-terrestrials, the young Elon jettisoned past Mars on his way into the inner solar system many millennia ago to lay dormant beneath the ice caps of both north and south earth poles while oscillating between in a state of magnetic Super-position.

Soon, it was time for young Elon to emerge from his chrysalis to venture on into Canada from his cradle in South Africa, penniless.

Up pops PayPal.

Up pops Space X.

Up pops Solar Bankruptcy.

Up pops Tesla Motors.

Up pops his Shiba Inu.

That little puppy has really helped Elon cope with the stress of being and maintaining the persona of the World’s richest man.

So, when Elon is quoted in Forbes saying “The future of Mars should be up to the Martians!”

One has to wonder if the recipient of the world’s greatest Operating Leverage since Henry Ford’s invention of the Model T, is truly other-wordly!

One thing we all should do …

Is to take Elon’s model to heart, and apply his newly excavated robot-production skills to other facets of our manufacturing base.

We’ll blow China out of the water!

If we can beat them to the punch of reverse engineering Elon’s methods!

Only in Amerika!

“Buy SHIB, boarding to Olympus mons now, please!”