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Shaping Its Future: Amazon Purchases Domains Related to Cryptocurrency

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In mid-2014, Amazon applied for and was awarded a patent that signaled the e-commerce and cloud-computing giantโ€™s intention to accept bitcoin as payment for one of its services.

Since then, Amazon has been continuing to shape the future of its ever-expanding business, however, it has not-so-subtly done so with cryptocurrencies in mind.

Just recently, according to Whois data, Amazon Technologies Inc., an Amazon subsidiary, registered amazoncryptocurrencies.com, amazoncryptocurrency.com, and amazonethereum.com on October 31st.

Whois Data

In addition, it was revealed that Amazon purchased amazonbitcoin.com some time in 2013, which now takes you straight to Amazonโ€™s e-commerce website.

Currently, Amazonโ€™s purpose for purchasing these domain names remains unclear.

However, DomainNameWire, which first reported Amazonโ€™s domain registrations, stated that Amazon might just be purchasing the names so no one else could profit off of a simulate association with their brand.

Alternatively, Amazon may also be attempting to avoid confusion between cryptocurrencies and Amazon Coin, a virtual currency product introduced in 2013 that serves as online payment method on the Kindle Fire for games and applications.


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