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Seven of the Best Online Marketing Books to Read in 2020

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Nowadays, in the era of information overload, it might still be hard to find practical advice to use for building a business or a product. Right books and ebooks can become a great source of insights, real-life experience to review and analyze, a coach helping in avoiding typical mistakes.

Here is the list of such books dedicated to online marketing that every industry professional or entrepreneur should read in 2020.

1. Content Marketing For Traffic And Sales by Daniel Daines-Hutt

Daniel Daines-Hutt's "Content Marketing for Traffic and Sales" is perfect for any marketer who feels their content is not doing what it should.

It's ideal for you if you feel your content is missing something, and you're not sure why? Everyone else tells you to "write more often," but you go crazy for all the work and small results.

Daines-Hutt shows you what content will change things for you and then tells you how you can make the most of that content.

2. Theory and Practice. The Ultimate Guide To Online Content Marketing by Aleksandr Lashkov

This book is meant to help you solve practical marketing tasks. Alex Lashkov runs his own content marketing agency in Miami, and has worked with dozens of start-up technology companies over the past ten years. A technology industry expert, he has a wealth of experience in helping technology companies talk to people by using a language that people can understand.

This guide focuses on the practical issues that every content creator faces in their daily work. It is a training ground which gives you knowledge about the types of modern content and the tactics that can help drive outreach and engagement. All statements are supported by real-life case studies.

3. The Lead Machine The Small Business Guide to Digital Marketing by Rich Brooks

Rich Brooks describes the critical aspects of modern digital marketing and shows you how you can expand them and grow your business. He talks about the different strategies you can use to get visitors to your website and how you can make sure they keep coming back.

The complexity around some elements of digital marketing is simplified and readers are presented with a book that simplifies what they need to do.

The book provides a step-by-step guide to growing your online business that is perfect for marketers and entrepreneurs in any niche.

4. Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products by Nir Eyal

Nir Eyal is an expert in the field of behavioral design, and the book is the result of his ten years of research. Eyal helps you understand not how to get people to buy your product, but to make a habit of buying your product. Another significant fact about this book is that Product Hunt founder Ryan Hoover helped make the contents even more practical.

The author outlines real methods that are used by modern businesses to draw attention to and build a direct connection with the product or service they’re selling. This book is a practical tool for driving your business' retention metrics.

5. Hacking Growth: How Today's Fastest-Growing Companies Drive Breakout Success By Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown

Hacking Growth is a relatively recent book and, more importantly, the ideas it contains are not repackaged from the good old things of Philip Kotler. Both authors have solid practical knowledge, especially since Ellis and Brown are pioneers of "growth hacking."

This book will give you practical insights into the multiple distribution models available. With it, you will get a real guide on how to implement "growth hacking" within your company.

6. Data-Driven Marketing with Artificial Intelligence: Harness the Power of Predictive Marketing and Machine AI for Marketing by Magnus Unemyr, 2018

This is quite a unique work by Magnus Unemyr. First, it features insights on applying AI to marketing, which Unemyr gained by interviewing business and marketing execs at companies building top products. Second, it features perfectly structured content, as all products are divided into several categories.

These categories include Competitive Intelligence, Predictive Pricing, Ads Strategy, E-commerce, Content Marketing, Lead and Customer Acquisition, Customer Relationships, Segmentation, and Customer Journey. These categories allow you to understand how and what tools can help you in solving particular tasks.

7. The Choice Factory: 25 Behavioural Biases That Influence What We Buy by Richard Shotton

Behavioral science explains what really motivates people, rather than what they claim motivates them. The Choice Factory shows how findings from this strong field can easily be applied to marketing.

Shotton highlights the complexities of target selection and discusses how marketers should do it. Even if you are not a marketer, this book provides fascinating insights into consumerism and human behavior.

It focuses on everyday decisions and examines what drives us to make them and, therefore, what makes us tick.

What great marketing books worthy of reading do you know?


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