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Self Driven Data Science — Issue #49

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Weekly rundown of interesting news and insights focused on data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence


Statistics for People in a Hurry

This post from Lauren Kozyrkov, Chief Decision Intelligence Engineer at Google, greatly simplifies statistics while getting the major points across. Feel free to forward this to non-technical coworkers and save yourself some time.


Why Data Scientists Should Write Books

Communication is undoubtedly one of the most vital skills for Data Scientists. This post explores how the act of writing can not only make you happier and more well-rounded, but also improve your ability as a Data Scientist, believe it or not.


Why is Machine Learning ‘Hard’?

This post takes an interesting approach by framing machine learning as a difficult debugging problem. Well worth a read to truly understand why machine learning only gets exponentially harder when things don’t go as expected.


FIFA World Cup 2018: A Data-Driven Approach to Ideal Team Line-Ups

In theme with the upcoming World Cup, check out this post that walks through the step-by-step approach used in a recent project centered around building optimal line-ups for your favorite teams in the tournament.


Boost Your Jupyter Notebook Productivity

Jupyter Notebook is a flexible tool used to create interpretable analysis, as it keeps code, plots, and comments together is a sort of beautiful way. Here’s some shortcuts and techniques to boost your productivity and get more done.

Source: xkcd

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