Self Driven Data Science — Issue #12by@conordewey3
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484 reads

Self Driven Data Science — Issue #12

by Conor DeweyAugust 28th, 2017
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<strong>Here’s this weeks lineup of data-driven articles, stories, and resources delivered faithfully to your inbox for you to consume.&nbsp;Enjoy!</strong>

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Here’s this weeks lineup of data-driven articles, stories, and resources delivered faithfully to your inbox for you to consume. Enjoy!

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Analyzing Cryptocurrency Markets Using Python

Very accessible introduction to cryptocurrency analysis using Python. The project walks through a simple Python script that retrieves, analyzes, and visualizes different data regarding cryptocurrencies.


A Beginner’s Guide to AI/ML

This is the first post is a series that aims to take the reader from novice to comfortable AI/ML aficionado. Touches on concepts in probability, statistics, programming, linear algebra, and calculus along with some more advanced techniques.


Building a Chatbot in Two Hours

Write-up of the author’s quest from learning about chatbots and how they work to building a fully functional one. Great example of how you can accomplish a goal through simple passive reading, talking with experts, and tinkering with toolkits.


Pandas Tips and Tricks

This post includes some useful tips for how to use Pandas for more efficient preprocessing and feature engineering from large datasets. I know I definitely picked up a full useful things.

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Top 100 AI/ML Medium Articles

The author took the time to curate the top one hundred articles written about artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning published on Medium.

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