Secure passwords for the emotionally insecure by@thedirtbird

Secure passwords for the emotionally insecure


· The name of your first choice college that rejected you. Be sure to switch out a letter for a number, to make it extra secure. M1ddlebury works because the “1” reminds you that you are not #1.

· Your own name, misspelled. Because people misspell it anyway, it’s whatever.

· The name of the subway stop where someone was rude to you, and even though you know in your heart of hearts that you were in the right and she was probably having a lousy day because it was the holiday season and she was carrying large bags from Bloomingdales, when she looked you dead in the eye and told you to “watch where you’re going,” something snapped in you and you gasp-cried yourself to sleep that night. Throw in some special symbols.

· An ex’s name but with a $ instead of an s to remind you of an emotional toll.

· The exact date, time, and location of when you said “orgasm” instead of “organism” in 8th grade science class.

· Just the words “alone so alone.”

· The name of that friend’s dog who seems to want to bond with everyone else but you.

· Your therapist’s name and phone number, which you do have memorized.

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