Secrets of Successful P2E Projects from a Blockchain Game CEO by@dankhomenko

Secrets of Successful P2E Projects from a Blockchain Game CEO

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Dan Khomenko

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To state the obvious, GameFi is one of the most appealing sectors for newbie users within the crypto space. It successfully attracts users who are not into the complex technological solutions of DeFi projects. Secondly, GameFi has given retail investors more opportunities to enter the market.

However, crypto enthusiasts should be careful when selecting projects to invest their money in as there are so many fraudulent platforms out there. There are a series of decisive factors that can help to determine whether a play-to-earn game is worth your attention or not. 

Development team

In my opinion, the first thing you should look at in a game is its core development team. Successful top–notch projects are built by professionals from a variety of spheres, not money. Research the professional biographies of the team members and make sure that they have already taken part in the creation of some decent platforms or games. At the very least, check to see if they have any high-profile cases of fraud.

Also, while exploring play-to-earn projects, give preference to authoritative sources like CMC and CGC websites. If the team retains anonymity, that's serious grounds for questioning the prudence of investing your money in this project. 


Aside from the team, you cannot neglect the economic model of the project. Basically, this is a key aspect of any good play-to-earn game, as profits directly depend on the project’s tokenomics. Learn about the funding of the project, get to know who the big investors are that are putting their assets into the fledgling game – they play a huge role in the success of the platform. 

It is investors who bring traffic and recognition to the game, which directly affects its overall market performance. Also, do not forget about the project’s whitepaper, which should contain basic information about its token distribution mechanism and cover other critical aspects.

Gameplay & Ideas

Needless to say, the originality and uniqueness of the platform’s concept and the implementation of these qualities at the gameplay level also play a huge role in the platform’s success. Players have a desire to tap into something that’s never been seen before.

The SIDUS HEROES development team and I managed to create a project that fits the bill. The game was designed by a large number of experts from different spheres — blockchain, DeFi, game development and NFT art. Bringing their experience and creative ideas together, we put our efforts into launching an evolutionary, WebGL, AAA-level, Play-to-Earn, NFT and RPG game and are stunning the world with our brainchild.


The users of SIDUS will have the chance to: 

  • Start playing from any device, without downloading the application, just using an internet browser. This is possible because of the unique WebGL technology that the SIDUS team has been working on for 3 years. The technology supports high-quality 3D art and a high-efficiency engine. 
  • Become farmers and grinders to collect resources from mines, fields or while traveling through space, so they can sell them on the marketplace for coins.
  • Craft equipment (like spaceships) and the components for them (e.g. ammunition, weapons and medicine) to sell manufactured products to fighters. 
  • Fight with other players in the Battle Arena, participate in tournaments and build fighting legions to try and rise to the top as one. 
  • Try themself as scientists that explore new technologies and discover new resources to figure out how to modernize life in the universe.

Our technicians, who between them possess extensive experience, have built a versatile solution that immerses players all over the world in a well-developed universe. Focused on popularizing the GameFi space in general, we believe that our revolutionary game can make a buzz in the industry, attracting new members to our strong community as well as big investors. 

Marketing Strategy 

Last, but not least, do not underestimate the importance of devising a good marketing strategy. Spend some time going through the game’s social media platforms. Pay attention to its community, advisors and influencers who talk about the project publicly. 

It is impossible to think of a well-known project that hasn’t adopted a proper marketing approach because that’s ultimately what forms a platform’s audience. Obviously, even the coolest project is absolutely useless without users helping to evolve it.


Summing up, both investors and gamers should pay attention to the aspects I mention here. Think critically, choose only proven projects and do not allow yourself to become a victim of fraud!

Dan Khomenko HackerNoon profile picture
by Dan Khomenko @dankhomenko. CEO of and An entrepreneur and founder of a successful IT engineering company.
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