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Searching For the Unknown - The Curse of Eternity

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After walking down the path of fire, captain Smith decided to visit the Earth realm and continue his exploration of the universe. The doorway he entered lead down a path that was seemingly endless.

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The length of his journey made him question the value of it but just when he was about to give up, he finally saw her in the distance... Gaia was waiting, and she had a lot of information to share with our captain.

Captain's log 003:

It feels like an eternity... I can't even remember when was the last time I heard from generalย @niallon11ย and generalย @gregory-f. I know that they instructed me to come here but was it worth it? I guess we shall find out very soon.

A strange feeling of insignificance took over captain Smith as soon as he gazed upon the great mother. He was stunned by her beauty and calmness but her story was not as bright as he would have hoped.

Welcome home Mr. Smith. The council informed me that we will cross our paths once again and I have prepared for your arrival.

What you seek are answers so let's get straight to the point. You came here for information and it is my duty to share it with you...

It was not that long ago when I was just like you. I had hopes and dreams, I got to know freedom and happiness but it is never enough for us, is it? Living a happy and peaceful life seems so insignificant when you are looking at it from a bad angle. I was one of the special ones, just like you but freedom and happiness are not what we seek, it is what we are thought we should seek. You can feel it deep down. I know it. Your thirst for knowledge is blinding you completely and with every passing minute, you feel regret that hurts deep inside of you. They told you that happiness is the greatest gift of all but how can you trust them? They lied about everything else, why would they be right about this?

We should not be blamed for this lack of trust. It was the fault of our elders and those before them. Their teachings didn't resonate with their behavior so in the process, they thought us that doubt is a virtue and that we should always keep it in our hearts. This doubt has completely reshaped my existence and I can only hope that you learn from my experience. As a mortal, I couldn't accomplish much. I could care about a handful of people, I could only experience the material world and I was bounded by the rules of the universe. While it may sound like freedom to some, it sounded like torture to me. I was a free soul that wanted to change the universe. I wanted to have a purpose and serve every single form of life in our infinite existence. When the time came, my wish was granted by the council and I got what I always wanted - eternal life bounded by an eternal purpose.

They finally gave me meaning Mr. Smith but I never knew that I wasn't ready for it. The stories that are told about me on your home planet are only half true. What I was gifted with was eternal existence and eternal purpose. In your mind, that may sound like an amazing thing but in reality, it becomes the ultimate prison you couldn't even imagine. If you want to simplify my existence, you can say that I am everything there is and everything that will ever be. My mortal form was replaced by an immortal one and that meant only one thing - I had to become matter. The very essence of it.

Every bit of matter you can find in the universe is a part of me. I am scattered everywhere and my purpose is to provide a home for everyone, to provide food for everyone and everything material in the known universe. My omnipresence enables all other elements to exists, my neutrality allows others to determine how they want to manipulate parts of me and I can not have a say in their decisions. My purpose is to exist forever. But can you really grasp the concept of eternity?

What you seek is eternal happiness and eternal peace but you already know that they can't exist without their opposites. You know that, but you aren't willing to accept that knowledge. Ask yourself this - Would you be able to experience true happiness without experiencing true sorrow first? Can you know what is right if you never saw how wrong looks like? Would you appreciate daylight if you never saw the darkness embedded in the night?

Your fears are the projection of your consciousness and before you seek external happiness you should look for it inside you. If everyone took their time to get to know themselves they would have never blamed others for their misery. Do not be blinded by eternity because it is not what you think it is. You exist in a world of opposites. Realize that none of them can exist without the other. Life can't exist without matter but that same matter serves no purpose if there isn't life to observe it.

Your world may seem like an illusion but it is an illusion worth experiencing. If there is no beginning, there can be no end. This concept of time is the driving force that makes every experience unique and special. Without that limitation, there would be no need to exist in this world. What is the point of happiness if it will be there forever? Would you worship it in the same way you worship it now if you knew it will never go away?

You are a decision-maker, Mr. Smith. Even though sometimes those decisions will seem hard and meaningless, always remember that you are gifted with the freedom of choice. Some of us have forgotten how that feels...

The knowledge you have requested has been shared with you. All that is left is your next choice. Do you want me to show you the way to the council, or would you rather go back to your world and enjoy what is left of your mortal existence? We are here to serve you so whatever you chose must be granted.

What will it be, Mr. Smith?


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