COVID-19, Humanity 2.0, and The New Normal

March 31st 2020
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Every time we let individuals decide what we should all be doing collectively, historical moments emerge and they can't be erased from our memory. In recent history, the death of one man resulted in the deaths of millions in 1914.

It was the year 1958.
A man named Mao Zedong walked by a grain field and saw a bunch of sparrows eating the food that belonged to the Chinese people. His first thought was very rational as he questioned their privilege and right to free food. Without much thinking, he did what every great leader would do - he ordered the culling of these parasites that wanted something for nothing.
The people will not provide free food for these monsters. They shall be beaten to death!
This event is known today as The Four Pests Campaign. It has resulted in 45 million deaths country-wide. Due to the lack of sparrows, insects swarmed the fields, devastated their agriculture and forced the whole nation to consider cannibalism as a last resort. Many have died, but communism prevailed.
Do you ever question the nature of your reality?

History Loves To Repeat Itself

Every time we let individuals decide what we should all be doing collectively, historical moments emerge and they can't be erased from our memory. In recent history, the death of one man resulted in the deaths of millions in 1914. And like we didn't learn anything from that, another man wanted to assert dominance globally some 30 years later and millions blindly followed.
One would think that the two wars are enough for a civilization to realize that there is no difference between them. We all serve a purpose and we all have to be here. Just like those poor sparrows.
Those people that died and those birds that were clubbed to death did nothing wrong. They were both victims of lies and they should have served as a lesson to us all.
Sadly, individuals with good hearths tend to be easily manipulated. It is a blessing and a curse.
As more people started seeing through the lies they started giving up on their governments. The lack of interest created more room for manipulation so even more wars were waged in the name of freedom and democracy.
Driven by our past mistakes and armed with the knowledge that history provides, we continued to spread the word of freedom throughout the world. Those who resisted it served as dumpsters for nuclear waste. Once rural Europe was freed from communism and nazis, normal life was restored and the economic growth of the whole planet could continue as planed.
The bubble we lived in popped in 2008 but yet again, we chose to ignore it because we could just create a bigger bubble and move on. Unfortunately, that bubble became bigger than all of us and killing sparrows isn't going to stop it.

The Allocation Of Funds

This new bubble is so big that we had to spread it worldwide. All economies had to work together and find the best way to push humanity into globalism. We learned from our past mistakes, stopped waging wars and started putting money into the things we need the most - nuclear weapons, defense systems, and military.
We have enough firepower to blow up the whole planet but we don't have the medical equipment to keep people alive and kill a virus that is so small we can't even see it.
We prepared for a war no one wanted to wage, while nature(?) had different plans.

How Did We Get Here?

It was the year 2019 and a few Chinese doctors tried to warn the world about a potential pandemic that is spreading at their doorstep. Their stupidity was promptly punished and the world was reassured that this is a false alarm. The virus they are mentioning is a lie. After all, we survived the bird and swine flu, why would this thing be any different? I am sure we all know where the story headed from there.
What COVID-19 uncovered wasn't the censorship that is still present in the 21st century. It was our inability to handle a global pandemic. We had the money for rockets and warships but somehow, we didn't have enough money for medical care and ventilators that are needed in cases like this one.
Lock downs are now put in place, people are forced to stay in their homes and a new world is preparing to emerge once the shitshow is over.

Humanity 2.0

All of the events mentioned above polarized our civilization in one way or another. Leadership became a norm that pulled people towards the leaders or repelled them further away. These imaginary differences in our society created conflict within it, while at the same time creating more room for propaganda and even stronger polarization.
Propaganda, as we all know, is based on lies most of the time. But, inaccurate information distributed via sensationalistic publishers isn't a sustainable model. Once maximum polarization is achieved an individual is left with two choices - stay with the pack and defend your chosen leader/party at all costs or look for additional information for fact-checking.
The second option is becoming more popular and people all around the globe are realizing that there aren't only two sides of a story. You don't have to choose between left and right. There is a third option that has a name and that name is common sense.
While you sit home and try to pass time with entertainment, you will start to notice patterns, keywords, and misinformation all around you. Your TV is spitting it out faster than you can process it.
You will realize that questions are answered with a key phrase, "yeah, but what about those guys" and in time you will understand that this is something that was used before. Something history tried to warn you about but you didn't have time to listen.
Do you know how the best magicians in the world make you think that magic is possible in a material world? They make you look in the wrong direction while they adjust the act for your amusement.
Right now, the magicians want you to look at the word COVID-19. They want you to think about it and talk about it while they work the numbers on unemployment rates and money printing machines. Once the tick reaches a culmination point they will have to drop the hard facts on you.
Our economy is gone and the trick failed. The capitalism bubble and the pile of lies peaked in 2020, a year that will change humanity forever.
Sit down and think about it for a moment. All sports events are canceled. We are only now learning that the NBA and the Champions League aren't really that important. Those millions of euros and dollars could have been spent on medical equipment and salaries for medical workers.
We thought our kids that shooting a ball through a hoop is a measurement of value rather than teaching them the value of human life. It is sad that they will have to learn that lesson on their own.

Think About The Kids

The world you were born into was a lie. We don't have everything under control and we never did. Whatever happens after this pandemic doesn't matter. What matters is what we leave behind for the generations that are coming. They did not choose to be born into a world of chaos and lies, we are forcing them to come here.
This is a time where we have to stop thinking as individuals. Even if we all end up living in a dystopian world where money has no value we still have an obligation to teach those kids everything we know.
Our opinions don't matter, our religions don't matter and our feelings can fuck off. What matters is facts, and the sooner we drop them on the younger generations, the sooner they will know how to fix this shithole that we created.
Stop distracting them with fairy tales. Nothing is OK and it will probably stay that way for years to come. Maybe, one day, they will find a way to stop history from repeating itself.
If that day comes, I am sure it won't be an individual effort. We either all work together, or we continue to suffer from mistakes made by uninformed and ignorant individuals.
The people of any nation, race or color are not to blame. Self-proclaimed world leaders are to blame.



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