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Sea of Transformation: Chatbots in The Logistics Industry

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The usage of the new age customer support technology bots, popularly known as Chatbots is on the rise. Researches show that more than 80% of the customer communication that is done on websites or mobile apps are done through chatbots. Chatbots are highly valuable for the companies because they can work round the clock, are easy to use and do not make any kind of errors.

In recent times, one industry that has implemented Chatbots on a major scale is the Logistics industry. Over the years, there has been a steady shift in the logistic and the supply chain management industry as far as the usage of chatbots are concerned as it provides better communication facilities. A study done by Statista also shows that the worldwide market size of the chatbots is expected to reach $1.25 billion by the year 2025.

The huge numbers are a proof that industries around the world are realizing the importance of chatbots in their business and are already incorporating them in their existing systems.

Why a Logistics and Supply Chain Management Company needs a Chatbot?

Before understanding the need of the chatbot, let us first understand the manner in which the customer support technology bot works. Chatbot uses AI and Machine Learning to deliver personal customer service via website or on a mobile app.

By including the chatbot on their website or mobile app, businesses have experienced a steep rise in the level of customer satisfaction. The customer expectation in accordance to the services provided by the company is rising every year, thus it becomes essential for the Logistics companies to include a method that can be available 24*7 for the customers.  Chatbots provide fast, accurate and personalized customer service at real-time without any delay.

Chatbots can be the trusted ally for the Logistics companies in this ever changing modern day business scenario. Apart from delivering high quality customer service, it reduces the cost and also optimizes in managing employee’s time.

The list of benefits that Chatbots provide to the Logistics and Supply Chain Management Companies.

What are the benefits of having a Chatbot for the Logistics Companies?

After understanding in brief about the need and importance of chatbots, let us head straight to know about the gains.

Increasing Employee Productivity

Chatbots reduce the operational cost that is spent on the everyday tasks such as scheduling meetings, updating CRM, generating documents and many more. This in return increases the overall productivity of the employees as they don’t have to do the mundane tasks repeatedly. As the employees move towards better productivity, the overall efficiency level of the Logistics Company will increase and as a result, they will stand out in the competition with their peers. The important tasks will be given more attention and they will be completed with speed and accuracy.

Quick and Accurate Responses to the Customers

According to research, almost 2/3rd of the web users believe that the 24 hour service is one of the best features of the chatbot. Thus it becomes an essential part in increasing the customer engagement and experience as the chatbot is available round the clock to assist the users in any of their queries. Moreover, the bots can guide your user to find their related searches in the website or the mobile app. Thus it helps in increasing the customer experience and reduces the bounce rate from your website or mobile app.

Crystal Clear Automation

Chatbots will cater to all the steps that go down in the process of the Logistics Company. From picking up the product to doing software upgrade to scheduling delivery, Chatbots have got everything covered. Moreover, the chatbots will also notify any mishap or breakdown occurring with the vehicle in order to get timely help and make the process uncluttered.

No human intervention is required for doing all these tasks as everything can be easily managed by the chatbots. The Chatbots will complete all the tasks in the predefined time with higher accuracy. Automation will also help in streamlining the everyday tasks and as a result no extra time is wasted on them.

Cost Effective Method

One of the main reasons why Chatbots are so popular in industries all around is that chatbots reduce the cost of overall operations and maintenance drastically. Instead of humans doing the mundane tasks, these tasks are assigned to the chatbots so that the employees can focus on what is important. Thus as it requires less or no human intervention, the cost of product development is automatically reduced. Moreover, vehicle breakdown is a common occurrence in the logistics and supply chain management industry. 

Processing orders and Tracking Shipments

The chatbots for the logistics industry will enable the customers to check and cancel their orders or revise their product deliveries. The bots can use the order tracking number from the database of the logistics company and guide the customer to the process in a more streamlined manner.

Moreover, the process of shipment tracking can be done in a much better manner with the help of chatbots. Gone are the days where the user needed to fill online forms on company’s website. With Chatbots at work, the user just needs to activate the chatbot and find out all the related information without indulging into a long, tedious process. In addition to this, new improved AI based chatbot can be accessed by the user more conveniently these days with Voice assistant like Alexa, Google Home and Siri that are also equipped to track shipments since a long time.

Wrapping Up

The importance of chatbots for Logistics companies is not limited to just increasing the customer experience but aiding positively in improving the overall performance of the organization. Therefore, it become essential for the logistics and supply chain management companies to incorporate chatbots in their work methods and stay ahead of the cut-throat competition. Chatbots will automate your work force and give your logistics business a much needed shift towards a bright future.


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