Scorum: The Future of Sports Media Powered By Blockchain

Harnessing the merits of blockchain to reward fans and shift the paradigm of the sports industry.

For too long, the established sports media industry has collected massive revenue from pushing ads on the one billion sports fans who make an astounding 8.5 billion visits to a wide variety of digital sports media sources. By applying decentralized and transparent technology, Scorum will enable fans worldwide to share and engage with sports media in an exciting and rewarding way.

Source: “Winning in the business of sport” report by A.T. Kearney

Born out of the passion for sports, Scorum is here to provide a bold new media platform, an interactive way for fans to participate in the massive sports industry. We see an opportunity for everyone involved to take to the field and share a piece of the action.

Instead of rewarding just the people at the top, who’ve been rigging the rules in their favor since the beginning of time, the game will completely reset with a new set of rules. @Daniel Jeffries

Having established the why, let’s move on to how we want to change the game. The core of Scorum will be the innovative blogging platform where authors and readers can create, curate, engage, and be rewarded each step of the way. Scorum is on the cutting edge of the evolving sports media landscape.

According to this Nielsen report Scorum hits 5 out of 10 trends:
1. Intellectual property owners taking control of content and the conversation
2. Live sport gaining traction on social media
3. New revenue streams emerging as fans get fully connected
4. Increasing investments in data to optimize fan relationships
5. Social responsibility becoming more prevalent and impactful

A One-Stop Media Platform for Sports Fans

Scorum brings rewarding and innovative sports media back to the community. It’s an all-inclusive cross-platform source for everything sport that will reward passionate fans in a fair and transparent manner. To achieve this, we designed the following key services:

  • The blogging platform where both content creation and curation will be rewarded through a fair and transparent economic model. Released from the typical constraints of the publishing industry, writers will have access to innovative data analysis, an efficient suite of editorial tools tailored for sports content, and a high-quality photo database.
  • The statistical centers will drive sports data crunching to the next level. Not only can fans browse and dig into stats about their favorite athletes or teams, writers will be able to quickly and seamlessly utilize the centers using Microsoft’s Business Intelligence tools to embed interactive infographics into their publications. It will include features such as integrated purchases of goods and services through our partner programs and live events streaming.
  • The commission-free betting exchange allows users to quickly place bets against each other using Scorum Coins. Integrated with Scorum users’ wallets and coupled with in-depth statistical analysis, sports fans’ venturing into the world of betting has never been easier.

Easy to Use Solution, Backed up with Blockchain

Given the groundbreaking movement towards decentralized systems recently, blockchain technology is the obvious foundation upon which to base Scorum. We’ve decided to build Scorum’s blockchain protocol on the Graphene Framework utilizing a Delegated Proof of Stake consensus algorithm which will best meet the needs of our high-traffic network. As we move closer to our Crowdsale, we’ll share in more detail about using this foundation for Scorum.

We’ve partnered up with Microsoft to make use of their Business Intelligence tools within our stats centers. Traditionally reserved for processing financial and business data, we’re taking these features to the field of sports analysis to give fans and writers in-depth data analytics.

One of our main goals is to introduce casual users to the world of cryptocurrency in an approachable and straightforward way. That’s why we are developing a convenient and secure ecosystem to allow for seamless and quick access to Scorum’s services.

Strong Economic Model Driven by Real Value

The Scorum economic model is a comprehensive and transparent system based on the Scorum Coins and designed to incorporate real economic drivers: internal advertising platform, photo database, and on-site sales of event broadcasts, tickets and other services from our partners.

The realization of our vision will follow three fundamental principles:

  • Our cryptocurrency will be supported by real economic stimulants.
  • All participants within the system must benefit from their engagement.
  • Profit distribution should be objectively fair and moderated by the user community.

Meet the People Behind the Product

We have hand-picked a talented team of nearly 30 industry professionals who are working hard to develop and constantly improve Scorum. Our leadership brings together strong industry experience and knowledge of game theory, journalism, design and implementation of advanced technology.

Our advisory board includes the representatives of a successful IT company, a legal guidance from a prominent San Francisco-based attorney who specializes in launching start-ups in the blockchain industry, and prominent athletes.

We’ve teamed up with NBA star Timofey Mozgov, Olympic Champion Alexandra Patskevich, and other top athletes across all major sports to bring their experience and professional insight to Scorum.

Fans are ready for a decentralized online space where they can openly interact with each other on a global scale AND be fairly rewarded for engaging with their favorite sport on the Web.

This space is Scorum.

Passion for sports must be rewarded. Get In The Game:

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