Scorum Brand Ambassador: Timofey Mozgov, NBA Champion

Timofey Mozgov is the official Scorum brand ambassador.

He not only supports the product idea — he contributes to its mission fulfillment as an advisor. Timofey got on board early to help us get ready with the product roadmap and the funding campaign, and he’ll stay with us after the Scorum launch to encourage its first active users.

At Scorum, we see the future of sports media as a more open, inclusive, and connected space where athletes and fans interact on a global scale. Pro athletes are generally very progressive and the rise of athlete-fan interaction on social media has clearly shown the need for today’s pros to maintain a rewarding connection with their supportive fans.

When we contacted Timofey with our idea about the evolution of sports and social media, he expressed immediate interest. He was excited to add his insights and experience in the sports industry to Scorum in order to be in the avant-garde of the growing popularity of cryptocurrency.

Timofey knows that hard work gets rewarded and he can see that happening on Scorum:

Here are just a few ways Timofey will support Scorum:

  • NBA game ticket lottery with a chance to meet and chat with Mozgov after the game
  • Live online chats with Mozgov through Scorum’s platform
  • Personal blog posts and updates on Scorum
  • Active users and fans will get to meet and greet Mozgov at Scorum Fest
  • And more…

We’ll rely on his input in order to develop Scorum into a platform that’s in demand for everyone passionate about sports, from the established pro to the avid amatuer to the legions of fans. Mozgov sees Scorum as a great opportunity for all athletes to grow a stronger connection to their fans in the near future.

At over 7 feet (215 cm) tall, big man Timofey Mozgov started his pro career with five years of play for Russian teams before heading to the NBA when he was signed by the New York Knicks in 2010. His first year in the top league saw standout performances including 23 points and 14 rebounds in the Knicks 124–106 victory over the Detroit Pistons. He continued his strong performance throughout four years with the Denver Nuggets.

While playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2015–2016, Timofey was the first Russian to play in the NBA finals in 2015 and returned the next year to avenge the Cavs’ loss and become the first Russian to win an NBA Championship (along with teammate Sasha Kaun).

Timofey now plays for the Brooklyn Nets after a summer of play back in Europe for the Russian national team. For the latest snippets from Timofey, follow him on Instagram.

Along with Mozgov, Scorum has already got support from other prominent athletes.

What does being an athlete on Scorum mean?

  • Getting rewards for engagement as an entity within the Statistics Center
  • A sports-optimized blog to communicate with supporters
  • A place to showcase the latest gear that fans can purchase right on Scorum’s platform.

These are only a few ways Scorum will change the game. It’s a slam dunk for all involved!

Follow us on YouTube to see the latest athlete videos. We welcome all interested athletes and fans to join our telegram chat and check out the website for more info!

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