Important Update: Fantasy Sports Integration, Improvements for Token Holders, and More Enhancements

We’re excited to introduce major changes in the whitepaper that will bring enhancement for both token holders and Scorum end users.

As for the product, we’re adding daily fantasy sports (DFS) and its beta is almost ready! Along with that we’ve increased the reward for witnesses who sign blocks in our DPOS consensus, reduced the Scorum Power token bonus to safeguard the value of the SCR cryptocurrency, and updated the roadmap to give SCR token holders quicker utility with their tokens.

Commission-free daily fantasy sports league

We want Scorum to be the one-stop platform for engaged sports fans and a huge part of that engagement revolves around fantasy sports. From weekly NFL pick’em predictions to NCAA’s March Madness bracket pools to the frenzied competition of Daily Fantasy Sports, lovers of sport worldwide revel in the ever growing game of skill that fantasy sports has become.

Want to know the best part? Scorum offers its SCR Fantasy Sports leagues at zero commission for Scorum users. Just like our betting exchange, it’s in the best interests of sports fans to offer this service at no charge.

DFS integration within the platform aims to create a more rewarding sports media experience. It will be the first part of the project that goes public with the prototype for soccer going live a month before the token crowdsale on January 14, 2018.

Making Scorum Tokens Stronger

As mentioned above, the SCR cryptocurrency will have immediate utility within Scorum fantasy sports league after the blockchain is published. When our blogging platform is launched in June, new users will start gaining rewards in Scorum Power tokens for creating and curating content.

We’ve decided to decrease the SP bounty down to 10 million, with registration bonuses going to the first one million users to join Scorum. Nearly five million SP will be set aside for the reward pool so that early adopters get higher rewards for participating in the growth of the platform.

Blogging platform is already designed

Along with the early release of the commission-free fantasy sports leagues where players can win both SCR and SP tokens, the blogging platform is already designed and ready to be launched in June 2018. This coincides perfectly with the largest sports event on earth — the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Football/Soccer fans across the world can discover the rewards of creating and curating the latest coverage on Scorum’s engaging and efficient platform.

Roadmap Optimized for SCR Value

As a means of further increasing the utility of Scorum Coins tokens, we’ve put the betting exchange in the fast lane so that we can launch it for users in June 2018, also in time for the World Cup. This gives token holders a prime opportunity to win more SCR and opens the world of commission-free betting to football fans across the globe.

With these three different ways for engaged fans to gain more SCR and SP tokens operational just five months after the end of the crowdsale, the demand for SCR on cryptocurrency exchanges will grow steadily along with Scorum’s user base.

The roadmap is tailored to let Scorum’s economy become be a well-oiled machine and SCR holders will be perfectly situated to take advantage of all Scorum’s perks. Stay tuned for a detailed description of Scorum’s timeline!

Whitepaper update with details and visuals

With the growing interest in Scorum, we decided it was time for a revamp of the whitepaper to more clearly show token purchasers why the Scorum Crowdsale is an event worth joining. Version 2.0 is available now on the website and includes design previews of the blogging platform, the fantasy sports league for soccer, and a sneak peek at the visualizations available in the statistics center.

To learn more about our marketing plan and development funding, see pages 34–35 for more information about how we’ll allocate the funds raised in our Tokens Crowdsale that starts on January 14, 2018.

And Finally…

We’d like to take a moment to thank the early token purchasers and those who have believed in Scorum’s vision enough to sign up for the whitelist. We appreciate your continued support and will keep working hard to create the sports media platform that fans and SCR token holders will love to use.
To get on the whitelist and secure your Scorum Coins tokens at a 25% discount, fill out the whitelist app to sign up. We’ve also got an affiliate referral program that will get you a 5% bonus on all SCR purchases from your links!

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