Save Content From the Internet With Evernote by@williammeller

Save Content From the Internet With Evernote

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Evernote is a powerful tool, so you don’t need only your brain to remember things. Check out how I have been using it to save internet content.

Our brain, is really a great friend. It is very nice to us and our maybe best partner for the various activities we have during the day. But we should never overload him with every single thing. Memorizing is a hard task for our friend, the brain.

So, imagine being able to memorize the amount of information that comes to us through the internet? It’s too much, isn’t it? Especially those epic articles that do not deserve to be only read, but archived in our knowledge to be always available for future reference, as epic contents are important for us more than once, as we learn with them.

If the idea is to save to an information repository, believe me, it will be difficult to find a repository to save personal information better than Evernote.

During your day, you have access to random websites to update yourself on what is happening. Social networks also offer a huge range of content to read, but it’s rare that we have time to read content from beginning to end when we see that, right?

When you find something you want to view later, put it in Pocket, a social bookmarking service for storing, sharing…

As I wrote in this article, Pocket is the app to read, and Evernote is the app that use to store these readings that could be a reference for the future, so I follow this checklist:

1. Find it
2. Save it to Pocket
3. Reading time
4. If it could be a reference, save to Evernote
5. Archive

And my archiving process is really simple — FOR ME! I believe that organizing Evernote in the right way helps me to have a clear and calm mind, so I don’t have to wonder “where did I put that item”.

It is all organized on my notebooks:


Furthermore, Evernote helps me to have such a vast and extensive repository for everything, with notes from every book and article I’ve read, making it very easy to look up a reference when I need to write an article, deep dive into a topic, or just remember of something.

Yeah — The idea is really simple!

A second and digital brain will be your advantage in a future with some many things around you.

Originally published here.

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by William Meller @williammeller.Winning every day with a new learning or discovery! Sharing some interesting things at
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