Hackernoon logo[Audio] How Pascal Levy-Garboua Runs a $1.4M by@itsmattward

[Audio] How Pascal Levy-Garboua Runs a $1.4M

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[Audio] How Pascal Levy-Garboua Runs a $1.4M AngelList Syndicate, a Top Tech Startup and an AL Venture Fund All At Once

Pascal has 10+ years experience in Enterprise software and Consumer Internet and is passionate about marketplaces and local commerce since working at eBay. He built and scale VirtuOz (VC backed) from 4 to 80+ employees before ultimately being acquired.

Pascal also runs one of the top Angellist syndicates, having invested in Realty Shares, Checkr, Wag, Shyp, Caviar, Sprig and Payjoy. He also runs one of the first AL venture funds and is a is a mentor and judge at Stanford in the Technology Venture Formation class (MS&E 273).

Listen and Learn:

  1. How to run a top syndicate while working a day job
  2. Why local commerce is the future
  3. The way Angellist funds work
  4. What most angel investors do wrong initially
  5. How Angellist has evolved in the past three years
  6. Why liquidity is hard to come by
  7. How the on demand economy is changing commerce as we know it
  8. Why cryptocurrency is overrated in the short term and underrated in the long term

Pascal’s Projects:

Pascal’s AngelList profile

Pascal’s Syndicate

Pascal’s LinkedIn

Pascal’s on Twitter: @2pasc

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