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Hackernoon logoChrome Browser Extension to Remover Hacker Noon Header by@artiya4u

Chrome Browser Extension to Remover Hacker Noon Header

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@artiya4uArtiya Thinkumpang

Hackernoon is my favorite source of knowledge about technology. I love reading Hackernoon story since Medium. However, the Hackernoon new site makes me harder to stay reading more stories before going to bed. It got a big bright green and yellow header on top of the story. At first, I think maybe I can scroll the page down, and it will disappear. I was wrong, it was fixed over the page and it takes a portion of the readable screen.

At first, I just open inspect windows and delete the header element manually but more story I read it really painful to goes to the process every time. I'm thinking about what I used when Hackernoon was on Medium. I'm using a Chrome extension called "Make Medium Readable Again" (MMRA). It's exactly what I looking for - plus it's an open source project. I can make the same extension for Hackernoon too.

It took me 30 minutes to selective copy source code from MMRA. In fact it just one block of statement I needed. Using injected CSS to hide the unwanted header on the site, ignore it on the front page, no option needed. I made the icon from screen capture the header and it's meh, who care? I call it "Readable Hackernoon". The result is good enough for me.



For more features request and bug please tell me on the Github.


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