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Gant Laborde is an owner of Infinite Red, mentor, adjunct professor, and published author.

10 React Puzzlesย Oโ€™Fun

How well do you know React-centric terminology?
A Rebus is an image-puzzle that represents words.

TL:DR; We were having too much fun in the #riddles channel in the IR community slack and we did what nerds do, we started to create our own React rebuses.

Here are 10 rebuses with the theme of React-centric technology. How many can you figure out?

Puzzle 1:

thanks Derek Greenberg

Puzzle 2:

by Samuli Hakoniemi

Puzzle #3

Puzzle #4

Puzzle #5

Puzzle #6

Puzzle #7

thanks Justinย Lane

Puzzle #8

Puzzle #9

Puzzle #10

The Answers

I thought about just simply posting the answers, but half the fun is seeing what people guess. So to the comments we go.

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Gant Laborde is Chief Technology Strategist at Infinite Red, published author, adjunct professor, worldwide public speaker, and mad-scientist in training.

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