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Can You Solve This Cipher? If So, $750 EOS Account is Yours

from the pixEOS Paint game canvas

I think it was over a week ago, I was scanning through the pixEOS Paint canvas and I remember seeing this thought bubble from Marilyn Monroe, but at the time, I didn’t look into it much. Then last night I was reading through the new Reddit-style site called EOS Discussions App, and I found that someone had discovered a cipher that leads to a $750 EOS account. The account name is nibogonibogo and can be seen on this block explorer: https://bloks.io/account/nibogonibogo

That would explain why the words “priv key” and “51” were written in the canvas. All EOS accounts have a public and private key, and the private key has 51 digits in it. All private keys also start with the number “5”. The anonymous person who first found and wrote about this have detailed most of the clues in this post: https://eos.discussions.app/#/e/pixeos/5252422109/Private_Keys_to__750_EOS_Account_Hidden_in_Cipher

The passages are also posted on Twitter and the EOS Discussions App:


The original poster made a small error in the visualization of the private key, and today, the nibogonibogo account corrected it. Here’s the corrected image of the private key in an unknown script:

from https://eos.discussions.app/#/e/pixeos/5252422109/Private_Keys_to__750_EOS_Account_Hidden_in_Cipher

I started following this nibo_go account on Twitter too: https://twitter.com/nibo_go

I’m not good at figuring out ciphers, but I bet there are some people out there who can decode them.

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