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R For Data Science With Real Exercises

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With this course you will learn programming in R And R Studio. You learn data analytics, data science, statistical analysis, packages, functions, GGPlot2.

The Course is Created and instructed by Kirill Eremenko, SuperDataScience Team

Learn R Programming by Doing Real Exercises

You will find many of R courses and lectures on the internet. Students often find it overwhelming as R has a very steep learning curve. Having said that, This course is very different.

The course is apt for everyone, the instructors presume, you have no prior knowledge of R. With each video lecture, you will learn a new valuable concept which you can put to use right away. The best thing about this course is you learn R with live examples.

This training class is fully equipped with real-life analytical challenges that you will learn to solve. We will solve some them together, and some of you will be assigned to you as exercises for homework.

Here is all that you gain from this course

  • You learn to program in R at a good level
  • Know how to use R Studio
  • Understand the core principles of programming
  • You will learn to create vectors in R
  • Be able to create variables
  • Know all about integer, double, logical, character and other types in R
  • Learn to use a while() loop and a for() loop in R
  • You will be able to build and use matrices in R
  • Learn the matrix() function, learn rbind() and cbind()
  • Understanding of how to install packages in R
  • You learn to customize R studio to suit your preferences
  • Learn about the Law of Large Numbers
  • Know all about the Normal distribution
  • Practice working with statistical data in R
  • Practice working with financial data in R
  • Practice working with sports data in R

The course is for

  • Those who want to learn A to Z to program in R
  • Students who are tired of R courses that are too complicated
  • If you want to learn R with live examples
  • Those of you who like exciting challenges
  • If you have the time to assign to this course, as you will be doing a lot of homework

How Popular Is This Course

  • There are ~28,000 students enrolled in this course
  • The feedback of the course is 4.6 out of 5 after 4,666 ratings
  • Best selling course in its category

Here’s of the randomly picked reviews of this course:

Overall a great course, especially for the price! Everything is clear, with good examples. All hands-on!
Next to it, great information source ( Listening to the podcasts, learning about the industry, reading advised books — all in one place.
Already enrolled to all the rest of the courses of Kirill that are related to data science. Will be a long journey to finish them all. But cannot wait to start off :)
With best regards,

You will get

  • 76 video lectures, a total of 10.5 hours of on-demand video
  • Two Articles
  • Lifetime access by paying onetime fee (Usually $10–20 with sale)
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion


This is the course you should take if you want to learn A to Z of R programming. The live examples used in the course are really awesome and make you learn R faster.

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