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Quantum Origin, CosmicOS, and Lambda Calculus

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In regards to Quantum Origin, you may have read my post from June. This is a follow up to it. In our observable universe, it seems infinite in terms of the scale everything is in, whether going on in the micro, nano or cosmic scales and beyond. I followed up on the fact that there are certain mathematical patterns in regards to everything and I'm evidentially wanting to make a theory of everything. Proof in regards to my mathematical proposals in terms of computation would be solving the holy grail of man's biggest questions. While I'm confident in regards to the math and the way things are structured, there are things I have thought about in regards to taking things a step further.

I did give a slight mention into something I also found interesting, which was the Wolfram Project. The Wolfram Project tries to investigate things such as complexity problems in cellular automata or replicate theorems related to Quantum and Theoretical Physics. It seems like it is hinged upon a programming language for trying to find the fundamental theorem of everything or some sort of mathematical computation. Both me and Dr. Wolfram seem to have somewhat similar goals, as well as literally everybody in this field. We are just going about it different ways.

A tool that I stumbled upon for a completely different complexity problem sort of gave me an idea in regards to this. That tool was CosmicOS, and it literally attempts to simulate the basis of a contact language based off of lambda calculus. In order to summarize what is going on in layman terms, there is a famous Jewish mathematician known as Dr. Hans Freudenthal.

The late Dr. Freudenthal (who is a mathematical genius that they should talk more about in schools along w/ Einstein), contributed a science fiction work known as Lincos. Lincos is the sci-fi idea of "hey you got into contact with aliens, there is a certain way they communicate", and a certain language based off of lambda calculus is how you talk to them.

Now CosmicOS is an open source project inspired by that idea. The language is shown through a VM, and the irony is research like this actually have been used in things such as CETI. Now I know I am perhaps nerding out in regards to going back and forth over tools and linguistics. Let me get into the gist of why CosmicOS is important in reference to this topic.

CosmicOS allows you to have a contacting language in regards to mathematical and propositional logic. Taking my theorems a step further and making it into more abstract terms going back and forth, it may be interesting to see how a contacting language simulates such ideas computationally.

Other things I have wondered outside the realm of just mathematical logic are similar to what you have seen in regards to the Wolfram Project. I have wondered, let us say you prove beyond a doubt evidently that there is an ultimate theorem of everything mathematically? What types of structures can you simulate? What types of events and prediction models can you build? Is it enough to just describe everything or what other implications will this have, and what ways can this become something further?

Besides just theory, I have looked into application. That is why I am coding and going back and forth doing all of this. There are still long ways to go in regards to this and many other things I'm doing. Perhaps it is a rabbit hole, but when one goes through rabbit holes, that is when many interesting discoveries are made.

I also have hope that many people read blog posts like this. Outside of publishing research or open source software, it is nice to look at things from a casual perspective and introduce complexity problems to a general audience. Hackernoon is an audience focused on technology and futurism. Not everybody is high level theoretical physicist or working on hardness problems, but lots of people to an extent may start getting mesmerized by such problems.

The next steps outside of a list of tools is the application over theory part, which may be interesting. The idea of "hey prior to the origin point of time something existed, and now we are all bound by math and these constraints and patterns", kind of sounds like you are a crazy person. However, this is the physicist's dilemma. In fact, this is man's dilemma. Even many views in western philosophy done by Socrates, and Aristotle or Plato came from problems just like these. They just didn't describe them the same way we do now.

You have all these questions in regards to entanglement, the nature of time, cosmic inflation, etc. and many of which would be instantly answered after the answer to the biggest question of all mathematically.


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