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Marketing To GenZ

It's an interesting time. We got 5 different generations at the same time ranging from the Baby Boomers to Generation Z. Each one of them has their preferences and lived through different events.
One Generation might associate space with NASA and the moon landing, another with SpaceX. but what sets the later apart from all the others is one thing: The way they grew up with technology.

The End Of Tech Pioneers

Generation Z consists of digital natives, not pioneers. They never had to learn to 'accept' technology. They don't get nostalgic about the same things the older generations do and have a total different perception of Atari, Nintendo, Internet, Windows, Blu-Ray, Ipod or Wifi.
A lot of products became obsolete while disruptive technologies changed our life in every way. And even though there are more things on the way, (or at least now about to have an impact) such as VR, AR and Blockchain, the newest generation simply grew up with it all.
Even writing went from cursive to typewriters to computer writing and now: emojis.

Kids Theses Days Shop Online

Turns out: GenZ shops both on and offline as survey show. It's all about memorable experiences. Checking out a store, trying out products and comparing prices googling things up are par course. Make it interactive. Be bold and put out all of the information about the products. Have both an off- and online store.
If your product is software, you better sell it on both Amazon and your own homepage. You need that omnipresence. You need PERSPECTIVE. You can't expect a GenZ to put their phone away. It's like asking them to cut their arm off.

I can read, therefore I can code.

Constantly surrounded by technologies, GenZ has been immersing itself since day one. Some kids can barely read and already develop their own apps. With a huge urge to customize everything and stand out of the crowd, anything new is tackled upon discovery.

They Create Their Own Brands

Older generations might shy away from an Alpha version of something as they afraid of bugs and errors, but not so GenZ. They love to be part of it. Give feedback or straight up implement it. Repair, refine, edit, update - they are very proactive, but most importantly - they want individualism.
Customization is king and every GenZ not just some young teeny in your store - but a potential business partner. A 10-year old might just walk into your store or write you an email with a serious pitch on how to double your sales.

Side Hustle

Recessions, a dying corporate culture, university brands getting progressively worse - kids nowadays don't just take action - they have to. And it has gone far beyond the cliche lemonade stand or newspaper delivery. Some turn millionaires flipping sneakers, others become influencers, start their own online store, dropship or pick up all kinds of freelance work.
Education, heritage, work, location - the internet turned the world truly global, but it took a while for logistics, services and products to catch up.


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