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Publish Your Medium Articles With Audio by@ma7moudfelfel

Publish Your Medium Articles With Audio

Mahmoud Felfel Hacker Noon profile picture

Mahmoud Felfel


TL;DR — We built a Chrome Extension that instantly converts your Medium articles to Audio and embeds them in your articles. Download it here.
Publish any Medium article with Audio!

Almost a year ago, even before Medium introduced Audio to their articles, we built a Chrome Extension that allowed anyone to listen to any Medium article.

When we launched it, it became an instant hit, got featured on Product Hunt and became #1 tech product of that day! There was an obvious gap between Podcasts and Audiobooks that we had bridged, and that was — people want to listen to articles.

The Chrome Extension featured on Product Hunt with over 1.4K upvotes!

Today, we are launching a major update for Medium writers to the Chrome Extension with a feature that makes it ridiculously easy to create Audio versions of their Articles.

You can download the Chrome Extension here —

How it works

Once you have downloaded the Chrome Extension, you will see a new option — Publish with Audio when you are about to publish an article.

Clicking this will publish your article on Medium with an Audio version of the article with the selected Language and Voice. By default, the Language is set to English.

We designed the experience to be smooth and easy as if the functionality was a part of Medium.

You can change the Language or Voice by simply clicking on them. We’re supporting over 17 Languages with 32 different Voices!

Choose from 17 Languages and 30 Voices for your articles

In case you are wondering, yes, this is Text-to-Speech technology. Unlike Medium’s human narrations, we’re using artificial voices. Of course, the voice aficionados aren’t going to like being narrated by a computer but the Text-to-Speech technology has come a long way from the first speaking Macintosh, to sound more human as ever before.

Select Multiple Articles and Convert to Audio

Among the features we built, this one could be very useful to authors and publications who would like to add Audio to all their older articles. To do so, just select multiple articles, choose a voice and hit ‘Add Audio To Articles’ button. This will add Audio to each of the selected articles!

Convert multiple articles to audio at the same time!

Listen Stats Right Next To Read Stats

Perhaps the most important feature is the stats — to see how many people have listened to your articles. For this, we integrated the listening stats inside the Medium Stats dashboard where you see your reading stats. Looks like this.

Listening stats for each article

Try it now! Download the Chrome Extension for free

We’re inviting interested Medium writers to download and try the chrome extension for free. Here is the link to download the extension — DOWNLOAD CHROME EXTENSION

If you like the idea, give us some love on product hunt, we are featured there today: