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8 Best Wireless Earbuds Under $50

by Prime in TechNovember 4th, 2022
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There are some great wireless options out there for a price no greater than $50 USD. Unfortunately, this cheap price point comes with caveats. There’s still a good number of buds that are actually pretty good, meaning it isn’t impossible for enthusiasts to easily check out 8 of the best wireless earbuds under $50. List includes TREBLAB WX8, JLab Go Air, ZIUTY Waterproof Earphones and Skullcandy Ink’d+ Active Wireless.

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In the world of audio devices, wireless earbuds are a relatively recent invention. Thankfully, they’re not so recent that you can’t find them for a low price today. There are some great wireless options out there for a price no greater than $50 USD. Unfortunately, this cheap price point comes with caveats. Poorly made earbuds and off-brand trash are all sadly common when trying to find the cheapest buds out there. There’s still a good number of buds that are actually pretty good, meaning it isn’t impossible for enthusiasts to easily check out 8 of the best wireless earbuds under $50.

List of the 8 Best Wireless Earbuds Under $50


The TREBLAB WX8 wireless earbuds are a perfect start to this list. These earbuds feature up to 28 hours of battery life alongside a USB-C charging case and Bluetooth 5.1 connection. The audio quality is pretty great as well, with only a few users being disappointed in it. For those with an active lifestyle, the buds even come with IPX8 water resistance, allowing them to withstand very harsh conditions.

These earbuds fall short when it comes to the finicky touch controls, and some users noted issues with effective charging. There also aren’t many options for comfort, though they do come with a few extra silicone ear tips. With a sale price of $39.97, these are still a great pair of earbuds for those that want to experience true wireless listening firsthand.

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2. Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2

The Life Dot 2 earbuds from Anker and soundcore are perfect for people that travel often. Thanks to its own USB-C charging case, these buds have an effective lifespan of around 100 hours. They have numerous accessories as well, allowing users to more closely customize their fit and comfort. This would be enough to warrant their $49.88 price point, but the buds go above and beyond with even more features like fast charging and a single earbud mode.

It should be noted that some users had issues with the sound quality, but the manufacturers have made efforts to replace faulty earbuds. The case might be a little big as well, so you won’t have much luck carrying them around in skinny jeans. If you have the space for them and end up pleased with the sound quality, the Life Dot 2 earbuds are worth every penny.

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3. JLab Go Air

The Go Air earbuds from JLab are perhaps the cheapest true wireless earbuds you’ll find. These make some compromises as a result: the integrated charging cable looks useful but runs the risk of making these buds useless if it fails, and the battery life is only 20 hours with the case included. Some users have reported issues with the fit and reliability of these buds as well, making them a hard sell at any higher price point.

With these issues in mind, the Go Air earbuds are still a pretty great bargain at just $14.99 on sale. They also feature customizable sound profiles and a compact design, making them easy to carry around. You might take a risk when trying these buds for yourself, but the risk is well worth the price.

Buy now on Amazon or JLab

4. ZIUTY Waterproof Earphones

ZIUTY’s true wireless earbuds available exclusively from Amazon are impressively feature-rich. From a 50-hour battery life included with the case to LED battery displays, you’re unlikely to find yourself caught off guard by these earbuds dying on you. It also features new Bluetooth 5.3 technology alongside light waterproofing, making these some of the most stable earbuds you’ll find.

The downside to these buds is technically the price. While they’re currently listed on Amazon at just $19.99, this is a sale price of a whopping 85% off. If you’re unlucky enough to go after these earbuds without an available sale, you’ll be paying upwards of $129.99. It might be worth checking them out ASAP to see how well its features hold up, but if you end up missing their discount, you’re better off looking at more budget-oriented options.

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5. Skullcandy Ink’d+ Active Wireless

Skullcandy’s Ink’d+ Active earbuds technically aren’t “true” wireless, as they feature an over-neck strap. This leads to a dated design, low comparable battery life, and an unimpressive feature set. To make up for all this, the Ink’d+ Active buds offer great reliability and fantastic sound quality.

There are a few extras you get with the Ink’d+ Active earbuds, such as alternate ear tips, but where they shine is how they compare to true wireless offerings. Because they still connect wirelessly, they offer comparable performance with a more stable fit. The flexible strap these buds are attached to also makes them easy to carry around, whether you keep them in your pocket or around your neck. At a sale price of $39.95, it’s hard to go wrong with a pair of Ink’d+ Active wireless earbuds. Sadly, you can’t get them on the official site anymore, but they’re still available from other retailers!

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6. QCY T13

The T13 earbuds from QCY are a decent option for a decent price. Equipped with around 40 hours of battery life with the USB-C case and decent ear tip options, the T13 buds are pretty comparable to others at this price point. Where they truly make their mark is in their feature set, with ENC noise cancellation, Bluetooth 5.1, and even a customized app. You’re unlikely to find any earbuds with as many rich features as these, especially at a price of just $29.99.

Unfortunately, some users note that the T13 earbuds have issues with reliability. These issues range from the earbuds cutting out during listening to problems with the custom app, which is sadly to be expected from any custom software. These are still worth a closer look, but you’re better off returning the T13 earbuds if you’re unable to get them working.

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7. Truefree F1 Sports Earphones

Truefree brings about another strong contender for “false wireless” with the F1 earbuds available exclusively from Amazon. Unlike most earbuds, these offer an open-ear design while still staying secure on your head. This makes them perfect for when you need to be aware of your surroundings. They also offer decent battery life for this earbud type at 11 hours, and they even feature ultra-stable Bluetooth 5.3 connection.

Like with any “untrue” wireless earbuds, the F1 earphones lack an expansive feature set outside of what’s physically there. The open ear design might also not be your thing, especially if you’re looking for something focused purely on sound quality. The $39.99 price point can make or break these buds for you, but they’re still a fine choice for those that need some extra awareness while listening to their favorite beats.

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8. Kimwood Bone Conduction Headphones

If you’re looking for something truly unique, the Bone Conduction Headphones from Kimwood are a fantastic choice. These are unlike any earbuds on this list, as they provide audio through bone conduction. You won’t even need to cover up your ears to use these; just place them on your head and you’re good to go! They even come with USB-C charging, a waterproof design, and a built-in microphone for those that want basic features found in other earbuds.

The battery life is unimpressive at 8 hours, and the sound quality is a bit more of a miss when compared to other earbuds. But bone conduction offers versatility and function found nowhere else. They can be a bit pricey depending on the brand, but Kimwood’s offering comes in at just $31.99. If you at least want to try out something you’ve never tried before, you’ll likely not go wrong with these.

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What to Consider for the Best Wireless Earbuds Under $50

At this price point, you’ll find true wireless earbuds alongside Bluetooth earbuds with wires built in. While the latter buds feature more dated designs, they can be a bit more secure and well-designed than cheap true wireless earbuds. Additionally, you’ll have to be careful of numerous off-brand buds; there are even some companies that might try to pay you off to leave a good review. Even if you find a pair of earbuds on this list that you love, do your due diligence and make sure they’re truly worth their price — even if it is just $50!