9 Best Gaming Earbuds in 2022by@bestintech
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9 Best Gaming Earbuds in 2022

October 28th 2022
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by @bestintech 13,509 reads
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The Angry Miao CYBERBLADE earbuds are designed for pure enthusiasts. The most expensive pair is the $329 angry Miao Cetra II Earbuds. The Asus ROG earbuds are perfectly acceptable for the price-conscious gamer. The Razer Hammer Pro Wireless Hammer Wireless Hammer is the most affordable pair of headphones for gamers. The HyperX Cloud EarBuds from HyperX showcase some of the best benefits wired buds have over wired buds, but the miniature travel case and unique cord design both make very little sense not to not have wired buds.

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When it comes to audio and communication, gamers have a lot of options. While many of them might gravitate towards cheap, full-size gaming headsets, some might prefer a more lightweight approach. For these people, earbuds offer an unobtrusive, portable alternative. There are hundreds of different earbuds for players to try out, though trying to find a pair oriented towards gamers can be a bit difficult. That’s why it’s important to know the best gaming earbuds out there today, from budget options to high-end choices.

This list will focus on earbuds even if they weren’t specifically designed with gamers in mind. There are hundreds of buds out there that offer fantastic gaming experiences, but few are designed for the purposes of gaming. One constant that will be kept in mind is if the earbuds are compatible with consoles as well as PC. You can expect every pair of buds on this list to be fully functional when used with those devices!

1. Angry Miao CYBERBLADE


To kick things off with the most extreme high-end earbuds, the Angry Miao CYBERBLADE earbuds are designed for pure enthusiasts. These buds come with extremely low latency and top-notch sound quality alongside a futuristic design complete with RGB lighting. As wireless buds, they connect using Bluetooth and boast a battery time of at least 6 hours. To top it all off, the specialized dock allows full compatibility, allowing you to connect to bluetooth devices as well as USB digital output devices.

The greatest downside of the Angry Miao CYBERBLADE earbuds is their price. At an MSRP of $329, they’re certainly the most expensive earbuds you’ll find on this list. They’re also a very recent release, so you’ll be hard-pressed to find them in stock on Amazon or even on the company’s main website.

Still, you can keep an eye on their product page to jump on these when they’re finally available once again!

2. ASUS ROG Cetra II Core


The Cetra II Core earbuds from ASUS and their ROG line are perfectly acceptable earbuds for the price-conscious gamer. Rather than being designed for all types of consoles, these buds were made for a handheld gaming experience. Phones, tablets, and other mobile devices are perfect targets for these buds, especially with the customizable comfort options.

These earbuds aren’t wireless, and while that eliminates any concern over battery life, it also means you’ll need a headphone jack to use these. At $59.99, it’s still a fantastic bargain; just make sure you don’t let the wire get too frayed!

Check them out on Asus.

3. The Gaming Earbuds from Raycon


Raycon offers their own specialized earbuds for gaming aptly named “The Gaming Earbuds.” The greatest benefits of these buds are their many features, from a wireless charging case to huge battery life and many included rubber tips. There are three different sound profiles to select from depending on your preferences, and the built-in microphone is surprisingly decent for wireless buds. If you can get these working for your games, they’re hard to argue against.

Unfortunately, these earbuds fall a bit flat when it comes to reliability and compatibility. Reviews on Amazon indicate that these buds might not actually be a great fit for gaming, with some unable to pair to consoles and others noting connection issues with computers. It’s still possible to use these for gaming, but your mileage may vary, especially on PlayStation devices. If you’re willing to work around these issues and withstand the high $119.99 price point, then check them out on Amazon and see if The Gaming Earbuds are the best gaming buds for you.

4. HyperX Cloud Earbuds


The Cloud Earbuds from HyperX showcase some of the best benefits wired buds have over wireless. They might not have many options for comfort, but the miniature travel case and unique cord design both make for very portable buds. Top this off with fantastic sound quality, a great microphone, and a current sale price of $24.99, and it makes very little sense not to get the Cloud Earbuds.

As with any cheap wired buds, the biggest downside to these is their longevity. They might not last nearly as long as other options, and they might not last at all if you aren’t a fan of the rubber tip design. Even so, the low sale price almost entirely makes up for these shortcomings. If they’re still on sale when you visit Hyper X or Amazon, you might want to consider testing these for yourself.

5. Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Pro


The Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds from Razer come in a variety of forms. Those interested can check out cheaper options such as the True Wireless X variant, but this article will cover the more popular Pro version. These buds have a fair amount of battery life and a low-latency gaming mode. Simply put, these are simple wireless buds with some great design for gamers.

Unfortunately, these buds feature unimpressive microphone quality, and some reviews noted issues with longevity and problems with Razer’s software. It might be more wise to check out the cheaper X option, but if you want to dive straight into the Pros, there’s a discount on Amazon that puts these buds at $109.99.

6. Turtle Beach Battle Buds


With the Turtle Beach Battle Buds, you get exactly what you pay for: a cheap pair of wired earbuds with a detachable microphone. Their sound quality can be hit-or-miss and they lack some more expansive features found in more expensive buds on this list, but there’s not much to complain about at the price of $29.95. If you want some cheap earbuds with a fantastic microphone attachment.

Check these out on Amazon or Turtle Beach.

7. Logitech G333 K/DA Gaming Earphones


The G333 K/DA earphones, like the Battle Buds, can be somewhat hit-or-miss in terms of sound quality. To make up for this — as well as the increased price point — these earbuds offer some more special features, most notably a USB-C aux cord. This actually makes it perhaps the most compatible pair of earbuds on this list, especially for people with both modern and retro devices. At $47.38, you’ll easily be able to grab these buds on Amazon or on Logitech for a decent price and see just how compatible they are for yourself.

8. Skullcandy Ink’d+


Sometimes, the best earbuds for gaming are the simplest. Featuring a snug fit, great sound quality, and a decent microphone, these buds offer some of the best value out there. At a price point of less than $20, they’re some of the best audio devices you’ll find even outside of earbuds and headphones. They might have less features than any other pair of buds on this list, but there’s little reason to not give them a try and see how they measure up to the competition.

9. Treblab WX8


For those on a budget, another great option is the Treblab WX8. Currently retailing for around $38.99, these are an inexpensive option that provide great sound quality and long battery life.

They boast up to 28 hours of playtime, Bluetooth 5.1 technology, touch controls, and noise cancellation.

The battery case even includes wireless charging functionality, and the earbuds have an IPX8 waterproof rating.

You can check them out on Treblab or on Amazon.

What to Consider for the Best Gaming Earbuds

Earbuds of all kinds, from cheap to expensive, should be given a close look. Certain features such as active noise canceling and customizable audio can be helpful, but what would matter most for gamers is great sound quality and a decent microphone. As long as you keep those necessities in mind, the best gaming earbuds can include way more selections than what’s found here!

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