A WordPress Plugin that turns Your Blog Posts into Podcasts by@ma7moudfelfel

A WordPress Plugin that turns Your Blog Posts into Podcasts

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Get The Play Plugin for WordPress

This plugin for your WordPress site instantly converts blog posts into audio, so your readers can listen to them as audio podcasts.

The Gap

If you google ‘podcasts statistics 2017’, this article will probably be the first search result you will find. A recent research reveals just how much engagement podcasts have been getting and if you take a look at the steady rise of engagement listeners have with podcasts over the years, you know it’s only going up. Even though the research was carried out in the U.S. alone, they are pretty impressive.

In the U.S. alone, did you know —

That 67 million people listen to podcasts monthly?

And 85% of the people listening, hear the entire podcast?

(Facts by The Edison Research)

Take a moment to let that sink in…

On the other hand, millions of blog posts are written every day! And, do you know how many of them gain traction? You guessed it; the number is small. But, do you know what number is even smaller?

The amount of time readers spend on these articles that manage to gain traction. It’s 15 seconds, if not less!

But, the problem is that for a significant number of people who don’t have the time or aren’t all that comfortable with technology, creating a podcast can be a very time-consuming process. Not to mention the costs involved in buying studio equipment like a professional microphone, editing software, etc.

So, how can writers, authors and bloggers increase engagement on their content? Make their content more accessible? How can they provide their readers with the convenience of listening? Without having to go through the time consuming, money and efforts exhausting process of recording a podcast?

The Bridge


Play for WordPress

We built a tool that uses the best in class AI voices, to convert your articles into audio podcasts!

So, if you have Play on your blog —

  1. You are saving money and time, because you are skipping the costs of making a podcast, like buying a professional microphone, editing software, etc.
  2. Your content is more accessible; not just because you are helping your readers multitask, but also because listening is simply more convenient
  3. You are repurposing the same piece of content into a whole new dimension; Audio
  4. You are improving your SEO, as Your content is potentially ranking better on Search Engines
  5. Your content is engaging more!

Now, you can even get those really long posts that you think no one has time to read, out of the closet and into your blog because your readers are more likely to listen to your entire podcast than actually read the whole post!

Get Started Now!

If you have a blog on Medium.com, check out The Play Chrome Extension for Medium.

But, If your website or blog is built on WordPress, just follow the instructions below —

Step 1. Download & Install The Play WordPress Plugin

(Click the link to get started and download The Play plugin from our website)

Step 2. Choose voice, language and convert —

Once you have downloaded and installed the plugin on your site, go to your ‘Posts’ page from Dashboard in your admin area. Now, simply select the posts that you would like to add audio to, choose a voice, language and click ‘Convert to Audio’.

Step 3. Exit WordPress Admin & Go to Your Site —

Scroll down to the posts that you converted to audio and you will find a cool looking audio player on those posts. This is called The Play Embedded Player. Now, your readers can listen to your blog post by simply clicking on the play button.

Check this 2 mins video to see how it works:


Yes, it’s that simple!

You spend so much time and efforts on creating content for your audience. Don’t let them miss out on it because it’s too long or maybe because they are busy. Walk the extra mile and give them the accessibility to consume your content.

Increase Accessibility, Engage More and Save Resources.

Click Here to Download The Play WordPress Plugin and Start Turning Your Blog Posts into Podcasts!

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