10+ Best Voice Calling APIs & Live Audio Streaming SDKs of 2022 Reviews by@sam

10+ Best Voice Calling APIs & Live Audio Streaming SDKs of 2022 Reviews

March 7th 2021 3,537 reads
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I reviewed and ranked the best voice chat API & SDK providers based on, 1. Size of the company 2. how much cost to develop a voice call 3. Total number of apps integrated 4. Total voice chat features 5. Demo documentation of how to integrate 6. Demo Apps of how it works on third-party apps 7. Session control messages 8. Network configuration 9. Media capabilities 10. Hosting options(on-premises/on cloud) These ranking points will help to choose the voice chat API for your web and mobile app and increase your engagement rate.
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If you are looking to build voice call / chat API and SDK for android or mobile apps, web, and audio communication to have an app that’s secure, robust, and interactive, a first-hand idea of APIs and SDKs becomes essential.

Let’s get to understand the basics and more of APIs and SDKs.

Table of Content:

1. What Exactly are APIs and SDKs?
2. Advantages of Live Voice Chat API Integration
3. Enhanced Quality of Voice Calls along with Unlimited Calls
4. The Sole Purpose of Integrating Voice Call APIs into Web & Mobile
5. Integrate Voice Chat APIs into Third-Party Web & Mobile Apps

  1. CONTUS MirrorFly
  2. Agora
  3. Twilio
  4. Enablex 
  5. Sendbird 

6. Perks of Choosing a Voice Call API (API) Provider

So, What Exactly are APIs and SDKs?

API stands for Application Programming Interface.

This kind of interface is a set of programmed instructions and standards developed by a development company to access a database or any web tool. Once released into the market, other developers can design a product based on the same set of programs and standards.

In simple terms, let’s say you want to build your own app wherein you would like any web service or database to talk to your app. It is then that you will need a set of APIs or keys that help to unlock the doors aka certain databases or services coming from a different source. These voice APIs then decide for you as to what an app can do and what it cannot.

SDK on the other hand stands for a Software Development Kit that’s necessary to create an app.

More specifically, an SDK consists of one or more APIs, programming tools, and documentation. Say, you would like to connect your app to any service such as OpenStreetMap. It is then that you will need OpenStreetMap’s SDKs to build a desirable framework for your app. 

Advantages of Live Voice Chat API Integration

1. Cost-Effectiveness

When Voice chat APIs and SDKs for iOS, Android is integrated into your app, the cost of both domestic and international calls gets reduced by up to 35%. This is because voice chat solutions, unlike any conventional phone call solution require no expensive equipment and requires less maintenance.

2. Call Recording and Tracking Services

The in-app voice chat solution helps you record your conversations so that you can review them later and make future marketing plans. Based on the information available, you can direct a call flow to the relevant sales agent. The recording services will ensure you don’t lose out on critical and essential information.   

3. Audio Encryption Facility

The voice chat solutions are available with strict encryption protocols so that a customer’s security and privacy remain intact. The number masking option available with a voice chat API protects the confidentiality of any customer.

Enhanced Quality of Voice Calls along with Unlimited Calls

With voice chat apps you can access better quality voice calls and an unlimited number of calls. The calls do not break abruptly because of the voice APIs. There’s no interference or latency during any voice call and therefore a clearer and sharper audio communication.

1. Timely Access to information

Through voice chat apps, the customers can be notified immediately of every new information coming their way and that’s because the in-app voice APIs can navigate this information to customers in real-time. When a voice chat service is customized according to your needs, your business grows.

2. Higher Productivity   

APIs can help you build a contact centre so that you can equip your sales agents with the right kind of information in real-time. Through a customized dashboard, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), analytics report. etc. within the contact centre, a sales agent can connect with, focus on the existing customers, and be more productive at work.

 3. Scalable Technology 

When you build a contact centre by making use of APIs, you can scale up or down in your needs for better technology and business growth. Each time you come up with a new use case, the APIs will adjust to your changing needs, without any penalty and extra utilization of capacity or hardware planning.    

4. Global Outreach

By shifting from legacy systems to a completely modernized, flexible, and API-powered app, you can have a global reach and connectivity.  Since APIs are cloud-based, you don’t need to connect with a different carrier each time you want to deal and negotiate with customers in a country different than yours.

 5. Iteration Easier to Accomplish

An iteration of your past workflow allows you to create a better customer experience. A contact centre built on APIs allows you to just do that -- make use of analytics, track, measure, and iterate. 

6. Cost Control

APIs allow for an easy transformation of your contact centre into a multi-channel engagement centre by integrating with your existing CRM, contact centre infrastructure, or channels. And, thus without compromising on quality, you can minimize your costs.

The Sole Purpose of Integrating Voice Call APIs into Web & Mobile Apps 

You might be having a mobile or web app with the best features available, but that’s not enough in today’s times. A voice call API for iOS or the web when integrated into your app lends uniqueness, flexibility, security, and reliability to the app. With Voice APIs, you have access to services like text-to-speech, instant messaging, call tracking and recording, etc.

Needless to say, live voice call API solution providers provide numerous features and benefits.

Integrate Voice Chat APIs and Live Audio Stremaing SDKs into Third-party Web & Mobile Apps

1. CONTUS MirrorFly


CONTUS MirrorFly is the best real time communication API & SDK solution that is with voice calling, video calling, and messaging that is meant for mobiles and web applications. It’s a 100% customizable solution that can be integrated into any existing platform that includes iOS, Android, and web application.

It has been recognized as the best voice call api when it comes to the communication industry such as call centers, hospitals, education, etc.

CONTUS MirrorFly Voice API allows you to make voice calls, receive calls instantly from one to millions users at the same time regardless of web and mobile application.

It provides a space for conference calling to get connected with multiple users beyond the geographical area. 

Eventually, supports a wide variety of user commands that includes cross-platform calling, call queuing, audio recording , interactive voice response, VoIP/SIP calls, call monitoring and reporting, and speech to text.

Popularity (number of users): API has been used by more than 1 billion + concurrent users.

Price : CONTUS MirrorFly is available at one time licensed cost with an end-to-end customization.  

CONTUS MirrorFly Voice API Features

  • 100% Customizable
  • Live Interactive Audio Streaming
  • Unlimited Calling
  • SIP/VoIP Calling
  • Voice Recording
  • Call Queuing & Routing
  • Audio Encryption
  • Multi-User Interface
  • Call Barging

2. Agora ­­­


Agora is a real-time messaging API & SDK application that can help you set up an exclusive fully featured chat room where participants can share virtual gifts, comment live, text messages, and ask questions.  

Agora voice call has been designed in a flexible manner that it provides an easy space to embed voice chatting into any existing application. 

Agora's voice SDK provides a high end crystal clear voice chat communication for web and mobile applications. 

It has a great impact over personalized conversation with a live voice calling where it improves the user engagement across the board. 

It is highly adaptable and flexible when it comes to add new features like voice effects and 360-degree surround sound, etc.

Popularity (number of users): Agora is popular to have an average of over 40 billion minutes of human connection per month. 

Pricing : Agora is a SaaS based model that allows you to pay as you go i.e., you need to pay for the features that you have been using on a monthly basis.  

Agora Voice API Features

  • Clear audio
  • Seamless audio
  • AI-powered noise cancellation
  • Voice effects
  • Surround sound
  • In-ear monitoring
  • Active-speaker recognition
  • Live audio streaming

3. Twilio 


Twilio is the leading cloud communication service that is well known for SMS and whatsapp messaging. It is used to receive voice calls, sending and receiving text messages using web services APIs.

Twilio voice API application can be hosted by a telephony infrastructure web service in the cloud and can be used to build a voice chat api that can integrate into any existing application.

Twilio voice API allows you to make, manage and route calls to any browser, phone, or application. 

Whenever you start over with a call on Twilio voice API, it provides the facility to call from both ends - a phone number as well as a server location.

Popularity (number of users): When compared to other voice calling API’s, Twilio has recently stepped into this voice and video calling, and has a significant number of user engagements.

Pricing : Twilio is a cloud based software with a PaaS (Platform as a service) model. Thus, it provides an option that can utilize the service structure for communication via voice and video.

Twilio Voice API Features

  • Set Up SIP
  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Insights & Reporting
  • Retrieve Call Logs
  • Modify In-Progress Calls
  • Detect Answering Machine   

4. Enablex 


EnableX is an all-in-one video, voice chat API that provides end-to-end support to have a successful real-time communication app that can be integrated into any existing application and software.

With Enablex voice call SDKs you can build a never ending conversations where you can make and receive calls with anyone in the world who has an internet connection or a phone number. 

Enablex provides a set of enriched features such as call masking, call line identification, text-to-speech, recording, IVR, etc. It allows the users to have a crystal clarity over the incoming as well as outgoing calls.

Popularity (number of users): It has a considerable number of user engagement.

Pricing : EnableX is a SaaS based model that allows a flexible pricing system with a monthly rental. 

Enablex Voice Chat API Features

  • Make calls to a SIP/PSTN using REST API
  • Receive calls on EnableX Voice server
  • Use Webhook & Initiate Additional Actions
  • Bridge & Broadcast Calls
  • Play Custom IVR
  • Collect User Response Over DTMF
  • Send Text-To-Speech Messages In 40 Languages

5. Sendbird 


Sendbird is a popular chat solution that is well known in the field of real time chat API and messaging SDK platform for mobile and web applications.

It provides the most scalable chat backend, customizable user friendly UI with client-side SDKs.

It can be built on Websocket servers with a custom protocol as it provides a very reliable infrastructure.

Sendbird voice API allows you to have an increased level of engagement through their user friendly platform,  it functions with a profound scalability. 

It enables the developers to integrate the voice chat SDk into any application easily.

Popularity (number of users) : one million concurrent users

Pricing : It is a SaaS based model that in a way delivers applications over the internet that is available as a service. Moreover, the customers here can utilize the service by paying a monthly rental only for those features that they were making use of. 

SendBird Voice API Features

  • Increase Engagement
  • Built for Scale
  • Integrate with chat
  • X-platform support
  • Multi-device support
  • Secure

Perks of Choosing a Voice Call API (API) Provider

  1. Affordability – A highly-priced product may not necessarily be the best product or vice-versa. As a customer of Voice Call API vendors, quality and yet affordability should be your concern.  
  2. Authenticity – Whether a Voice Call API solutions provider will stand up to your expectations without any failure can be judged by the reviews.
  3. Readiness – If a provider located locally doesn’t have the APIs as needed by you, you should be willing to look beyond one who works beyond a geographic region.   
  4. Background Report – A background report sent by a provider should become the starting point for you.  
  5. Integration – Last but not least, you should be knowing if the APIs being offered by a provider can easily be integrated into your app.  


Now that you know things like what is a voice chat API and an SDK, the perks of choosing a voice call / chat API provider, you should be able to give a heads-up to the right kind of voice call API provider for better and faster communication service.

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by Alex Sam @sam.Hi I’m Alex. A voracious reader and loves to chew updates on upcoming web trends & technologies.
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