Proposal to and Andrew Torba: Let's Crush "Big Tech" Together by@TheLoneroFoundation

Proposal to and Andrew Torba: Let's Crush "Big Tech" Together

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One of the people in tech that gets an unfair bad rep is Andrew Torba. Infact, I had a Gab account since 2017, and though I am barely active, I don't have many problems with the service.

Gab isn't a political social network. They are a social network centered around free speech. Andrew Torba isn't part of any alt-right hate group. He is an honest man, trying to start a company that dares to compete against the big players.

In fact, in my list of my favorite alternative social networks, Gab is one of them. Andrew Torba is also one of the few entrepreneurs who has a similar mindset or goals as somebody like me. has a lot of Jewish users, and according to Andrew Torba, he stated in regards to their speech:

"whose lawful speech we protect with just as much zeal as we would protect the lawful speech of any person of any faith, ethnicity, or creed."

This however, haven't stopped the media from labeling his network as anti-semitic. The mainstream media is putting a heavy expectation on Gab which boasts millions of users, to apologize every time a fringe user has an account on their site.

Andrew Torba isn't a hateful person, and the main point of Gab is a social network to protect lawful free speech. If a bunch of far-left people start flooding the site, nothing in regards to how the network is structured should change.

At the end of the day, they are a company offering a product. Given my interest in Gab, I do want them to consider forms of decentralization and being offline-first in their network design. In regards to that particular aspect, I am hoping they consider integrating the decentralized-internet SDK.

In fact, I would personally be willing to travel to Pennsylvania to integrate it for them. That is how much I am willing to support the cause. In the rare instance Andrew Torba may be reading this, I believe he knows where to reach me.

That said, I want to make things very clear. Violence and hate are unacceptable. However, there is a big difference between violent and hateful companies, and violent and hateful individuals.

If someone throws a book at somebody's face, would you blame the writer of that book? Gab is just a social network that is looking for transparency in regards to how it goes about protecting free speech.

Content shared online, and what content gets seen or boosted, shouldn't be controlled by a single entity or individual person. That gives such person too much power as a gatekeeper of the internet. Humans have free will and aren't meant to be controlled. We don't need forced help in order to make logical and rational decisions.

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