Which Google Cloud AI Update Are You Most Excited For?

Google Cloud Next 2024 unveiled a slew of cutting-edge AI implementations and cloud solutions. Which of these tickles your fancy the most?

24% Google Vids: AI-fueled video creation tool integrated with Google Workspace

28% Gemini Code Assist: Enterprise-focused AI code completion tool, rivaling GitHub’s Copilot

8% Imagen 2: Enhanced image-generating tool with inpainting, outpainting, and text-to-live images

13% Vertex AI Agent Builder: Tool to easily build and deploy generative AI-powered conversational agents for businesses.

13% Gemini in Databases: AI-powered tools simplifying database creation, monitoring, and migration

12% Others

122 Voters

This poll gathered 122 Votes from 15/4/2024 to 22/4/2024.

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