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1,871 reads’s Integration with Google’s WaveNet

by Mahmoud FelfelApril 23rd, 2018
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<span>G</span>oogle WaveNet is an advanced Text to Speech <a href="" target="_blank">technology</a> provided by <a href="" target="_blank">Google</a> which is arguably the most natural sounding computer voice we have ever heard.
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Get Your Medium Stories Narrated by the Best Text to Speech Technology

What is Google WaveNet?

Google WaveNet is an advanced Text to Speech technology provided by Google which is arguably the most natural sounding computer voice we have ever heard.

The other best voice is from their Deep Mind project called Tacotron, which is so indistinguishable from human speech that Google have challenged to identify if it’s human or machine.

Ever since Google showcased their early demos, we have been eagerly waiting for Google WaveNet to release.

Today, we are extremely excited to announce that we have integrated all of Google WaveNet’s voices into and made them available for anyone who writes on Medium!

What this means is that if you write on Medium, you can now use this advanced technology to create the most natural sounding Audio Narrations of your Medium Stories and make them available to your readers to listen.

And with’s one-click ‘Publish with Audio’, you can have an Audio Narration created and embedded on your Medium Story within seconds!

What does it sound like?

You might have already seen our Embedded Players being used by many writers on Medium, here are some samples of Google WaveNet’s voices after the integration.







Get Started for Free is a must have tool for your blog to generate leads by converting your articles into Audio Narrations. And, with Google WaveNet integrated, the Audio Narrations are now more natural than ever.

Here’s what you need to do to add Audio Narration to your first article —

  1. Download and Install The Free Play Chrome Extension.
  2. Sign Up
  3. After signing up you will be redirected to your Medium Stories page. Simply select the article to add the Audio Narration to and click ‘Publish’ to see a drop down menu.
  4. The default voice is Michael’s. Simply click on it as shown in the screenshot below to see the list of all the voices you can choose from.

5. Select any of the Google WaveNet’s voices. These are the voices that have the Premium label next to them.

6. Clicking the ‘Publish with Audio’ button will create the Audio Narration of your article.

Voila! Your article now has an Audio Narration embedded on it with The Embedded Player. Exactly like the one shown in the screenshot below.

Article with Audio Narration using

Your readers can now Listen, Share, Subscribe and Download your article as Audio!

If You Write on Medium — Give Your Articles Google WaveNet’s Voices For Free With!

Want for your WordPress blog? Download The Play WordPress Plugin Here!

(Having a tough time understanding how to get started? Here’s a more straight to the point ‘how-to’ tutorial)