Perp v2 Goes Open Source: Including Codebase, frontend SDK, and Subgraph by@perpetualprotocol

Perp v2 Goes Open Source: Including Codebase, frontend SDK, and Subgraph

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After months of hard work, we are pleased to announce that our Curie contract codebase, the frontend SDK and subgraph are now all open source. Read on to learn more!

Perpetual Protocol has long served as a hub for BUIDLers and traders alike, with our deep composability allowing anyone to create new applications and expand our ecosystem. We’re excited to share a new development that brings us closer to our vision of becoming the ultimate financial building block in DeFi for perpetual future swaps.

Open source is at the core of the cryptocurrency community and we are committed to this philosophy, as transparency builds trust, enables innovation to flourish and improves the prospects for further adoption.

We are happy to announce that our smart contracts, frontend SDK and subgraph are all now open source projects! Anyone is free to review our source code, check that it functions as it should, freely share their ideas and submit improvements or optimizations.

Curie Contract Codebase

The contract source code has moved from Etherscan to GitHub, and is now more structured and easier to read. During the development of the core smart contracts that underlie Perp v2, we have worked and the full audit reports can be found here.

The Curie, Curie Periphery and Oracle contracts are all now publicly available on GitHub. If you are smart contract developer, check out the repository links below to get started with building on top of Perp v2:

Note: the Curie contract is subject to the bug bounty program with ImmuneFi.

For more details about implementation, check out the docs here. All of the contracts above are licensed under GPL-3.0, meaning that any changes must be documented and ensure that the entire ecosystem benefits from any re-use of the code.

Perp Frontend SDK

By open sourcing the software development kit for Perp v2’s frontend, it’s now easier for BUIDLers to create alternative front ends!

The Perp Frontend SDK is publicly available on GitHub:

Perp Subgraph

Open sourcing the Perp subgraph provides more transparency and enables anyone to query historical data, especially those that are difficult to fetch from the contract.

The Perp Curie Subgraph is publicly available on GitHub:

From now on, you’ll be able to closely follow every change made by our team in these different repositories. We invite anyone to review our code, provide feedback through the issues tracker, submit pull requests and start building on top of our highly composable on-chain derivatives.

If you’re an Ethereum developer and want to start BUIDLing using the materials linked above, you may be interested in our grants program. Any project or idea that builds on Perpetual Protocol and benefits our ecosystem can apply for funding!

Want to learn more about the grants program, talk to our team or discuss anything coding related? Join our Discord and we’ll happily answer any questions you may have.


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