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Pempaltes Boilerplates Introduction: How To Bootstrap your Dev Environment

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Software Developer from monday to friday (Healthcare sector), Game Developer in free time

Pemplates allows you to search for project templates on github, bootstraping your productivity from "I have to setup everything from scratch" to "This is template I need, so I can start working on my project".

The use case behind this project is: "I want to create a desktop app using Electron and Svelte, but I have no idea how to setup everything". I went online and found a really good project that served as the starting point for Electron and Svelte app. But it took sometime to find it, so I decided to create Pemplates: a search engine for starter-kits, templates, ecc.

How it works

  • Choose what you want to search (templates, biolerplate, starter-kit)
  • Enter keywords (ex: react electron)
  • Press enter or click search button
  • Choose the template from the list (list is ordered by stars count)
  • Choose between git clone or degit
  • By clicking on one of those the command will be copied tou your clipboard.
  • Open terminal and execute the copied command in order to create a project.
  • Start developing

Final words

Pemplates is free to use and open source (made with Svelte3, source code is on github). I hope you can find it useful.


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