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Pay Close Attention To These 3 Facebook Ad Elements

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Pay Close Attention To These 3 Facebook Ad Elements

Facebook Ads are the best way to improve your online conversions.

I had spent quite a time understanding how Facebook ad targeting truly worked for companies who established tonne of income with it!

In the early stage, those who were fearful are starting to settle with it now. And those who embraced it for one last time, are in the group of top billionaires.

Let’s get our hands on some of the good ol’ Facebook times…

This is how Facebook pitched its ‘Ad Targeting’ artefact to the businesses/advertisers in 2004.

How weird it must’ve been to call Facebook,!

See their little game with the testimonial strategy in there.

This is how a street side intellect drafts. Facebook’s content contributor must have been one of those. With the knowledge of language that resonates the best with a common man.

“You are who you hang out with”
As the result, Facebook grew from $0 to whopping $306.4 billion, valued even higher than General Electric ($299.6 billion).

Whether or not you use Facebook ads heretofore, make note of these explicit ad design insights and techniques to convert more of your visitors.

Technique 1: Customer Testimonials

One of the easiest ways to enhance trust in your users is — showing them the customer testimonials.

A buyer repeatedly looks for positive reviews and delighted testimonials. As they communicate the real value of your product.

Although, the majority of the buyers end up making purchases only after 2 or 3 instances with reliable/high-spirited testimonials. They drop-off less.

And the best-targeted ad conveying the benefits by one of your happiest customer can have more impact than a generic ad. Since it highlights the authenticity and transparency of your business.

Showcasing real people recommending your product can increase your overall conversion percentage. Resulting in increased revenue if shown to the most relevant users/buyers.

Technique 2: Use Carousel ads

Compared to the static ads, carousel ads are 10 times better at the performance.

A survey by Kinetic Social says the carousel ads let advertisers display multiple images giving them the capacity to drive more visitors to their websites. They analyzed 3 months worth of ad campaign trends to arrive at a conclusion.

“Carousels are a major push for Facebook — CEO of Kinetic Social”

For now, 1% visitors are clicking through carousel ads compared to 0.1% of clicking on static ones. Which is far better than the typical display advertisement.

Emarketers say, that the best performing banner ads, ones from the sector like retail stores hold high-performance rate — 0.5% CTR in average.

VML, a lead marketing agency, shares most interesting data about Wendy’s one of the Instagram ad performance, that carousel ads lead to 20 point lift in both user size and purchase value than 14 point lift through single-image ads.

Technique 3: Insert Landing Pages

“Connections matter”

The prime agenda of any Facebook ad is to make more sales, immediately when a visitor lands on the website.

But, nothing goes by the rules when it comes to users. They have no clue of what Facebook ads are or neither they care of if you’re ransacked last night. What they really care about is, if your service can help them in any way.

A landing page isn’t necessary all the time. There are many occasions where you can send the traffic to your homepage or direct to the Facebook tab.

But leading the Facebook audience to a dedicated landing page can see the surefire spike in conversion.

Listicle To Create A High Performing Landing Page (PDF format)

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