Collaborators and Customers arguably make up a big part of HackerNoon's success. We are grateful for all the partnership opportunities, to further strengthen our community 💚
Amir Reza Asadi from Humind Labs
Founder & Director
HackerNoon is the place to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and best practices in technology. It's a great honor for me to get published on HackerNoon, because its readers are innovative minds and early adopters.

Let me put it another way: if you go on a date with someone you find on a dating app and she mentions that she is a HackerNoon reader, don't let her down; she is your dream girl!
Sept 10, 2021
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Thank you for including us. We love HackerNoon
Jan 27, 2023
Jason Chan from Perch
Thank you!! the page (Tech Company News Page) looks great 
Oct 18, 2017
Annabell Atchinson from IONOS 
VP|Head of Communications and Product Marketing
94 stories - almost 1.5 million reads - 20 days of reading time.
Loving our #webdevelopment writing contest collaboration with HackerNoon! A fantastic way to ensure high quality and original content being shared within the #devcommunity - with incentives for the authors and gamification on top.

Check out the articles and support your favorite:

And let's get ready for Round 2. :)
Aug 1, 2023
Cong Cao from Imgix
VP of Marketing
We have been very happy working with your team on both content contribution and running ads!
Sep 12, 2021
Caroline Vrauwdeunt from Map Your City
Founding Board
I am a follower and avid reader of Hackernoon since the early days on Medium. When Medium pulled up a paywall, Hackernoon stepped up and took the community with which it helped Medium platform grow and started their own.

I loved the way you pulled that one! Hackernoon bootstrapped vs Medium very well VC funded. Maybe it hit home, as we are not VC-funded ourselves either.
March 19, 2023
Joe Roets from Dragon Chain
Architect, Founder and CEO
HackerNoon has a great community, a great reputation, and consistently great content.
Jan 22, 2020
Nadia Vashkovska from Ovice
Content Manager
Had an excellent experience with HackerNoon. The audience responds to the content really well, and the amount of exposure you can get is impressive. The editorial team is highly responsive in communication, ready to answer questions and meet requests. HackerNoon editors also leave detailed notes that helped improve my materials. A 10/10 experience so far.
Nov 4, 2022
Shreya Gupta from Courier
Developer Advocate
58k+ reads on HackerNoon  this is wild!!
Feb 26, 2023
The Product Folks 🚀

Is a treasure trove of valuable content that caters to a wide range of professionals such as engineers, product managers, UX advocates, and more.
Feb 21, 2023
Ato Kasymov from Zentist
Co-Founder & CEO
The problems in healthcare that we’re addressing don’t have the same visibility here as other industries. As such, we would like to get the attention of the great engineers, product builders, and designers that make up the HackerNoon community.
Jun 15, 2023
Daumantas Barauskas from Genome
It's not our first time working with HackerNoon, we had positive experiences before, writing about fintechs' place within the banking industry.

Our team also enjoys other articles on the website. It is a great place if you are interested in modern tech and relevant news. And the separate tech giants section is very helpful too.
March 17, 2020
Lucinda Koza from I-Ally, Inc.
I love the passion, energy, honesty, and raw talent that is celebrated on HackerNoon. The power belongs in the hands of the people.
Jan 8, 2023
Nicole Upchurch from CENNZnet
HackerNoon is a hub of genuine tech insights and a community of talented developers. We want to support this community and provide advice and information for those interested in building DApps and getting started with blockchain.
Aug 28, 2022
Vivek Khatri from Emizentech
HackerNoon is a community developed for tech savvies to read, write, and publish their stories for insightful and curious readers. It's a better corner online where we can publish high-quality tech stories without interference from pop-up ads or paywalls.
May 25, 2023
Pavel Shkliaev from LensAI
There is an old-school spirit. Highly intelligent people get together on this platform. There are different points of view. It allows me to keep track of the direction modern IT entrepreneurship is heading in.
May 26, 2023